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Do you have an interesting story to tell? Is there some past event, situation, or personal encounter you wish to share with others? The narrative essay is the perfect vehicle for doing so. With this type of essay, you relate your experiences (or those of another person) in a compelling way that holds your readers' interest.

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When writing a narrative essay, don't assume your readers' know things about your story. Reading your essay is the first exposure they have to the experience you're presenting to them. They need to know and understand important details so they are clear on the point you're trying to make.

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Everyone loves a good story. Of course, The Golden Rule espoused innumerable times to writers is to "show" not "tell" your story. Like a great short story or novel, you want vivid details and unique descriptions in your narrative essay.

Think of a good narrative essay as a movie for the mind. Your reader sees your story in their mind's eye – while their eyes see plain words on paper or a PC screen. However, the power of the words used and their arrangements into sentences enthrall readers.

Done well, a narrative essay transports a reader to the time and place you choose to convey. A good narrative essay makes a reader feel as if they're going through the life experience themselves. When they finish reading a powerful narrative the story sticks with them long after the reading.

To create an effective narrative essay, write in the first person. This is the "I" in writing. This brings your reader close to you and your experiences. Think of a narrative essay in the first person as a coffee shop chat with a friend. You're telling them a good story and hope they find it interesting.

The key to a good narrative essay is having a major point to get across. Your essay must not be an exercise in verbiage. There must be a purpose - a central theme to present and a point you wish to make. Let's face it, what's the point of relating a story if there's no point to the story. Your readers want to know of life lessons learned or insight gained from your or someone else's experiences.

With all of the above in mind, here are steps to follow when writing the narrative essay: