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This part of the ESL Essay is the conclusion.

When preparing an ESL Essay you undertake a number of different activities:


Writing an essay conclusion, Sample and Examples

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Argumentative Essay Writing Guide: Examples Of Conclusion

Your conclusion needs to closely mirror your introduction by reiterating the position you have argued, and showing, in general terms, how the arguments you have made and the evidence you have used in the body of your essay support it. Don’t worry if it seems slightly repetitive. Just think of it as part of the ‘structural glue’ that links your ideas and holds your essay together.

Examples of Conclusion Paragraphs for an Argumentative Essay

Having reached the concluding section of your essay, readers have now been exposed to the arguments and the evidence you have presented in the body of the text. They will therefore have a more critical perspective on whether the conclusions you draw are justified on the basis of your presentation or not.

Check that the claims you make in your conclusion are consistent with the introduction and body of your essay.

Strategies for Writing a Conclusion

This section will assist you in writing effective conclusions. It examines the components of conclusions, provides examples and gives you practice in locating and ordering the different elements.

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Which topics might be easiest for you to write about?

Analyzing the question enables you to keep your ESL Essay on the topic by identifying the important parts of the ESL Essay question.

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Check that the claims you make in your conclusion are justified by your arguments and evidence. If they are not, you will need to edit your text to change either the arguments in the body of your essay or the conclusions you are drawing.

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When approaching the conclusion of the descriptive essay, first simply reread the essay. This is the best way to realize where the strong points of the essay lie, and how it can best be wrapped up. Usually a descriptive essay will contain emotion and feeling, and a description of the object at hand. By revisiting the essay, one can pick out the most intense feelings and strongest descriptions for repetition in the conclusion. Of course, the conclusion is not about merely being repetitive, but making the point clearer.

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