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Wordsworth wrote most of his poems before he was forty And in the rest of his life he spent revising it, among all his poems, tentern ABBEY and I WANDERED LONELY AS a Cloud€ which I will be discussing in this paper, are regarded as his greatest poems, he wrote mainly on the theme of NATURE, MEMORY AND IMAGINATION, CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION....

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In this essay, I will be discussing the connections and differences between the two poems....

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William Wordsworth was an English poet, a key figure of , and the author of the most famous ever written about daffodils. Born in 1770, Wordsworth and his friend invented a new style of poetry in which nature and the diction of the common man trumped formal, stylized language. Their seminal 1798 poetry collection, Lyrical Ballads, helped to launch the Romantic era of English literature, in which writers sought to unite the tranquility of nature and the inner emotional world of men. Even in the nineteenth century, Wordsworth felt that the world was "too much with us"—too fast-paced, too noisy, too full of mindless entertainment. He wanted to create poetry that reunited readers with true emotions and feelings. When he wrote about a field of daffodils, he didn't want you just to think about it—he wanted you to feel those flowers, to feel the breeze against your skin and the sense of peace this sight brought to your soul.

Wordsworth was the quintessential figure of Romanticism. He lived in England's scenic instead of urban London. He wrote poems in his head as he wandered through the hills and moors. He had a few different families during his adult life, some of which were unconventional—a partner and illegitimate daughter in France during the , an unorthodox but literary household containing his sister Dorothy and , and eventually a wife and five kids. By the time he died in 1850, Wordsworth was so famous that tourists flocked to the Lake District village of Grasmere just to peer in his windows. once wrote that Wordsworth did "more for the sanity of this generation than any other writer." The world is with us far more now than it was in the nineteenth century. Maybe your soul—and your sanity—could use a little Wordsworth.

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William Wordsworth's "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge" gives a step-by-step look at the awe-inspiring beauty of a London sunrise, whereas William Blake's "London" shows the dreary ugliness of London life by taking a stroll down London's streets....

All of William Wordsworth’s poems were inspired by the beautiful and lonely countryside.

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Burkett, Andrew. Writes Burkett, "First-generation Romantic poets generally hold a deeply rooted faith in the notion of the limitless nature of possibility, and in reaction to Enlightenment determinism, several of these poets strive for an understanding and representation of nature that is divorced from Enlightenment notions of causality. This essay specifically explores William Wordsworth's poetic denunciation of such deterministic accounts of causality through an investigation of []." 54 (2009).

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Throughout the three poems, Resolution and Independence, Tintern Abbey, and Michael, which will be discussed in this essay, nature is seen prominently as an everlasting- individual figure, which gives his audience as well as Wordsworth, himself, a sense of console.

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In this essay I will be discussing two romantic writers, William Wordsworth and John Keats along with their views of nature that are embedded within their works.

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He challenged and rebelled against many other poets because many poets of the time such as Thomas Gray, who believed that poetry should be objective and fair, where as William Wordsworth thought that emotion and self-expression should be shown and expressed through poetry and poetry should be about your own personal feelings and emotions.