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When I began the process of revising this essay in July 2014, I knew that this section would be one of the more painful to revisit. Not only was it painful, I spent more time revising this section than any other. Similar to orthodox historians who argue that the , the orthodox position, soon after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, has been that those atoms bombs saved lives, as they quickly ended the war. A few years later, "War is Peace" in Orwell's , and orthodox American historians have defended the atom bombs ever since 1945 as life-saving weapons, without a trace of irony.

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Why did America drop the atomic bomb on Japan

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Noam Chomsky, who was 16 when the bombs were dropped, was "shocked" by the atomic bombing. He did not talk about it with his friends, because nobody seemed to care. Chomsky said about the Grand Finale, "That one didn't kill as many people as the atom bombs, but in a way it's more depraved." The planes dropped leaflets with those bombs during the Grand Finale, which informed the Japanese civilians below that Japan had surrendered. America delivered the news with the bombs. Japan had been reduced nearly entirely to rubble by that time. When I have mentioned the Grand Finale to my fellow Americans, they either say in bewilderment, "no!" or they stare at me with an amazed look on their face. The Grand Finale is described rather cheerily in the .

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After two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in the span of a few days, Japan surrendered. It was no surprise that the Japanese surrendered after two cities were incinerated. The USA's government fully expected it. In one of the many ironies of Japan’s surrender, although the Americans stonewalled the Japanese surrender with their "unconditional" mantra, after the Japanese surrendered the Allies did exactly what the Japanese wanted: spare Hirohito from prosecution and humiliation. Hirohito remained an untainted emperor until his death in 1989. It appears that retaining Hirohito was a useful strategy for the USA, as a way of controlling post-war Japan, which helped prevent them from going communist or some other unfavorable (from the USA's perspective) path. The last several months of fighting, particularly the kind that participated in, never needed to happen, as if any of it ever "needed" to happen. That must be a devastating realization, if ever achieved, for those who survived the Pacific Theater battles in 1945, and the families that lost sons in those battles, both American and Japanese.

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11. Why are so many Americans so uncomfortable with the growing evidence that the United States didn't need to drop the bomb to end the war against Japan?

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First let's go to the site on the internet. There you will find competing perspectives on whether the United States needed to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. I will argue that, in fact, as one of the pro arguments for dropping the bomb states,. The larger unanswered question is why President Truman did not tell the American people the truth and instead fabricated a story about saving American lives and the bomb being necessary to force Japan to surrender.