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Writing your first can be as nerve wracking as meeting your new . Just like adjusting to communal living, transitioning from high school to requires patience. Below are a few tips to help you successfully complete your first college essay.

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College students often have the freedom to . Having the freedom to choose a topic that interests you will simplify the writing process, make research exciting, and keep you focused resulting in a better essay. However, with this freedom comes greater academic responsibility. When choosing a topic, it is important to be sure that what you are passionate about meets the requirements of the assignment. Understand your professor’s expectations, such as mastering a writing skill, evaluating a course topic, or specified research. Make a list of topics that interest you, and discuss them with your professor to explore the different ways they relate to the assignment, then make your decision.

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Once you’ve chosen a topic, start conducting and organizing citations. Research and citations are essential to every critical essay. Conduct most of your research in the library. Use evidence from books in your library, an online collegiate library, and academic journals found on scholarly databases. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of your source, bring a copy of that source to your professor. They will check for legitimacy, and guide you towards more reputable sources.

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