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How the essay leads there:

Despite calm, same, enchantment of lake

Various unsettling changes
changeability & chill of sea
no more father rolling in canoe
no more wonderful fuss about the trunks, and father's authority
lost alternative of third track
nervous whining of outboards

Creepy sensation of transposition
repeating father's words, gestures
son repeats his acts
what rod at the end of
one beside me, one in my pants
*(am I still myself, still the boy I was? Am I become my father?
Is my son displacing me? Am I displacing my father, taking
over his role?)

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Father’s Day means a lot to me because I can spend a whole 24 hours with my dad! My dad and I might go to the movies, we might play sports, we go to eat, and we might go swimming or even stay at home to watch TV. I am just happy I can spend as much time as possible with my father on this special day.

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