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Students must apply for admission, complete the competitive academic scholarship section of the admission application, and submit all supporting documents by December 1, 2017. Selected applicants may be invited to campus for interviews.

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I think nursing not only includes taking care of patients and helping out the doctors. I believe that there is some art to nursing as well, other than all the education and science involved of course. I believe that that caring is the essence of nursing, and that it should be viewed by the nurses as their moral ideal of preserving human dignity. This is to be done by helping the patients in finding some deeper meaning to their illnesses and suffering so that they are able to understand themselves better and are able to restore and promote their personal harmony and balance between the mind, body, and soul. Thus, I believe that nurses have to be consciously engaged in caring for the patients if they are to connect and establish relationships that work to promote their health and healing.

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One of the philosophies that are very close to my heart is that I believe that the health of a person is all in the mind. A person is only sick if he/she thinks they are sick. This is kind of a caring theory that I believe in, which is that there would be no patients if everyone around them would just understand what they are going through and what is needed to help them. I believe in caring for the patients in a way so as to bring about a transpersonal caring relationship between the patient and the nurse/caretaker and the caring occasion/caring moment. I believe in this philosophy since it describes the various health and caring related issues and problems in a very different light.

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I believe that it is important to provide a patient with the right kind of atmosphere and environment that is conducive to his/her recovery. It is important to keep the room of the patient a place where he/she feels the soothing and healing effects from the environment. I also believe that it is important for the nurses to understand their own selves so that they are able to better treat their patients. I believe that spirituality holds a very significant role in the profession of nursing. In fact, the care of the soul is the most powerful aspect of the art of caring in nursing.

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31 ACT or 1420 SAT and 3.50 Unweighted GPA

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