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Tisdale was a nurse at an abortion clinic when she published this essay in 1987. She writes honestly and movingly about something she knows few want to think let alone read about. "There is a numbing sameness lurking in this job," she says, "the same questions, the same answers, even the same trembling tone in the voices. The worst is the sameness of human failure, of inadequacy in the face of each day’s dull demands." Read it for .

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Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly.

Bravo. Esquire has touched on the core essence of racism. Ridley has brilliantly illustrated how the American culture continues to foster the need for Americans to define their character through the debasement of others less fortunate. By the way, for those of us African-Americans who have ascended, do we get T-shirts so the rest of the world knows to separate us from the others?

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As a Caucasian who has lived most of his life in the South, I relate to Ridley's point about chronic underachievers. He is correct: Most whites don't give much thought to other whites who won't make an effort when offered opportunities to overcome their circumstances. African-Americans should not be vilified for feeling the same way.

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This clearly required high-mindedness.

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But she would not have to wield her intellect solo.

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COLIN POWELL was the undisputed superstar of American politics.

From the get, this was stacking up to be a slightly dicey situation—China being in possession of twenty-four American servicemen and women and one of our top-tier surveillance planes (and the appropriate U. S. spokespeople went out of their way to note that it was a surveillance plane, not a spy plane). The People's Republic wasn't exactly our enemy, but it was hardly our close bud, either. Coming into the White House, following the domestic Chinese-spy-scandal scare of the late nineties, Bush had shifted the rhetoric re: China. Had dropped the Clinton-era designation of China as a "strategic partner" for the tough-talk appellation of "strategic competitor." The actual meaning of "strategic competitor" no one in the administration has ever tried to explain, but it struck the appropriately tough-talk chord in the new president's neoconservative base. Though such tough talk ignored the fact that China was a major trading partner that was doing $116 billion in annual business with the U. S., in millennium bucks.

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First Prize: Andiswa Ngwenya, Grade 11, St Stithians Girls’ College, Randburg
Second Prize: Taryn Goulding, Grade 10, Danville Park Girls Hight School, Durban
Third Prize: Sibulele Gando, Grade 12 St Dominics Catholic School for Girls, Boxburg

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Black America should have been singing hosannas.

in 1975, this is the best-known essay by the late, great screenwriter and essayist. While she renders the experience of being flat-chested in the '50s with incredible humor and pathos, it is the essay's ending — the shock of it — that makes this unforgettable.

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Nine-fifteen P.M. on the thirty-first. They got the call. A U. S. EP-3E signals recon plane had literally gotten into a tangle with a People's Liberation Army (read that: Chinese) J-8 interceptor jet off the coast of China. The Chinese jet got shredded by the EP-3E's prop. The American plane, with a crew of twenty-four, was badly damaged. The Chinese jet went down, the pilot most likely killed. The U. S. pilot did better. Managed to land the FUBAR American plane. But he landed the plane on the island of Hainan. Chinese territory. And the Chinese claimed that the Americans had been spying over what were sovereign waters. And the Chinese claimed the plane had landed without permission.