Email: mbaadmit aol com The 2013-2014 Wharton Application Essays

This response could be used to explain a teamwork experience that’s shaped who you are today (and therefore what you would bring to the campus community), or to highlight an especially proud team accomplishment and the lessons that you would be eager to share with classmates. Establishing a successful teamwork experience would show the adcom one’s collaborative and teamwork skills; this sets the stage for translation to contributions to Wharton. As with Essay 1, being well-versed in Wharton’s offerings would allow for discussion of specific clubs and activities, as well as potential classroom contributions. The more specific details one can bring in about Wharton, the easier it will be for the adcom to envision a future student.

Email: mbaadmit aol com The 2013-2014 Wharton Application Essays

Email: mbaadmit aol com The 2013-2014 Wharton Application Essays

Email: mbaadmit aol com The 2013-2014 Wharton Application Essays.

The Wharton School of Management will only require for the 2015-2016 admissions cycle, and it features the same question as the previous MBA cycle.

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Remember that unearthing your personal brand, choosing the right story and illustrating impact are keys to creating a successful Wharton MBA essay.

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Applicants should also think about the balance of content across their responses, and aim to incorporate something about themselves here that complements the material in Essay 1. This is particularly true for applicants from traditional pre-MBA fields like banking or consulting, who would be better served by highlighting something unique that will help them stand out than by a professional accomplishment or work-centric response. Finally, we encourage applicants to think about how they can use their comments in this essay to reinforce their fit with Wharton, which aims to build an international study body populated by humble, hard-working, and pragmatic students who are willing to leave their egos at the door and embrace a transformational MBA experience.