West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature

Sue Sorensen has published fiction and poetry and numerous scholarly articles. She has also edited a collection of essays on western Canadian literature, titled West of Eden.Her academic interests extend from nineteenth- and twentieth-century British literature to film adaptations of literature and the examination of popular song lyrics as poetry. A Large Harmonium is her first novel.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Sue Sorensen now lives in Winnipeg, where she is a professor of English literature at Canadian Mennonite University.

West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature: …

West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie ..

West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature Jan 2008

These 17 essays ponder the character of prairie literature. What is prairie literature now, what has it been, and what is its future? That the prairies are "west of Eden" is an idea only, and a somewhat mischievous one. Is this spot distant from the glory of the garden? Writers have often pondered the ambiguous sanctity of the prairies, while those who recruited settlers certainly exploited the notion. These varied essays engage with Margaret Laurence, Rudy Wiebe, and Neil Young. They present analysis of NFB films and the gopher as icon. Here are strategies for teaching and views of the Canadian prairies from abroad. This is a significant collection of fresh views of prairie literature.

In West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature

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West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature (review) and fails to illustrate convincingly her claim that the narrator's father also has latent desires.

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Sue Sorensen, ed., West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature Phillip Buckner, ed., Canada and the British Empire Robert B

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