Was Dunkirk a Triumph or a Disaster

The Times editorial, the 'Sea Grip', a peon to British maritime prowess, was followed by 'Anabasis - the Sea', which drew a parallel between Gort and the BEF, and Xenophon and the escape of the 10,000. Other papers with less literary leanings gave the public the news with screaming headlines - 'Saved' - 'Disaster Turned To Triumph' - 'Rescued From The Jaws Of Death'.

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Was the Dunkirk evacuation a triumph or defeat for …

Was the Dunkirk evacuation a triumph or defeat for ..

After Dunkirk, in the Second World War, there was a tendency on all hands to look for someone to blame for the disaster which had befallen the British forces, and there were many who wished to enter into bitter recriminations with those who had guided things in the past. At that time Mr. Winston Churchill, as he then was, said a very wise thing: "If we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find that we have lost the future."

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The third section takes the story down to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the person who liberated men from their slavery, who rescued them from their disaster, and in whom the tragedy was turned into triumph.

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Was dunkirk a triumph or disaster for britain

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The battle of France, of which Dunkirk was the final chapter, was a disaster, although Eduardo J Belgrano’s description of ‘unmitigated’ is incorrect

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