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As Ward Churchill's lawsuit against the University of Colorado ends its second week, followers of Churchill gear up for a rally of support. El Marco takes a look at Churchill's supporters, and at the followers of Adolf Eichmann who attacked America on 9/11. Yes, there is a huge, unreported, Adolf Eichmann connection to Islamic terror groups.

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Professor Ward Churchill in his publication that centers on the 9/11 attacks has been an unrelenting issue that has provoked major public debates. The publication’s main argument lies in the professor’s view that the attacks were just but retaliation from the unfair policies that the nation has imposed on other nations. His blunt reference to the citizens who lost their lives in the World Trade Centers as “little Eichmann’s”, suggesting that they were of the same character with Adolf Eichmann renown for his explicit role played in the mass extermination of Jews in World War II, sparking a lot of controversy. Churchill further insinuated that these victims were guilty for the instances that America has caused equal pain on the families in oppressed nations. The Colorado University where the professor worked conducted an enquiry regarding his work and relieved him off his duties in 2007. A debate arose from this move with one side maintaining that the professor had been fired unduly for his expressions. To support the argument was the view that it was a direct infringement of the First Amendment. This paper will defend the right of such people as Ward Churchill to publish and express ideas that are considered by some in bad taste, unpatriotic, or even treasonous.

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Churchill's essay called the World Trade Center victims "little Eichmanns." It was written in 2001 but attracted little attention until 2005, when critics publicized it after in upstate New York.

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