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Walmart was able to most recently purchase $3b in investments Walmart's Future Negative:

Recently a large bribery scandal involving Walmart Mexico has been uncovered exposing large violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Rising domestic gas prices continue to present challenges to the current business model of a low cost leader

Labor Relations may become more volitile as a strike becomes a growing concern due to low wages and unfair practices

Accusations of Walmart dealing with vendors that have human rights violations Operational Events at Year End Profitability Ratios Looking at Income Average daily short-term borrowing increased by $2b to $6b year over year

Walmart also examined competitors' challenges: Amazon stopped selling Kindle

Brought back layaway for holliday shopping

Put in place significant cutbacks for healthcare for employees Group 5 (12:30 pm) Financial Health of the Company:
Leverage Analysis

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FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: WalMart Introduction This

Select an organization of interest to you. (Walmart)
You will be required to create a quantitative financial spreadsheet with key financial ratios.
Your written analysis should be 3?4 pages, double-spaced.
Your submission should include:
financial ratios and a detailed, written analysis of the findings
a trend analysis of the latest three years of key balance and income statement information, including a
spreadsheet depicting the trend as well as a detailed, written analysis of the information
3?4-page written analysis; the most recently reported three years of financial statements and completed
spreadsheets should be presented as an appendix (In addition to providing a cover page containing your name,
the course name, the date, and my name, you must use at least one reference other than the text. Use APA
format for citations. You are expected to paraphrase and not use quotes. Deductions will be taken when quotes
are used and found to be unnecessary.)

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Do the Internal Environment Analysis of Wal-Mart : Identify the firm’s resources and capabilities, core competencies, value chain activities, financial condition, current strategies and objectives.
1. Resources and capabilities can analysis from
1)physical capital,
2)human resources,
3)organisational culture,
4)intangible capital

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