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The school only five blocks from Linda’s home was for whites only.
6. City: Largest type of municipality.
7. Commander-In-Chief: Role of the President as head of the armed forces.
8. Concurring Opinion: Statement written by a Supreme Court Justice who agrees with the majority but for different reasons.
9. Counties: Subdivision of state government formed to carry out state laws, collect taxes, and supervise elections.
10. Debt Limit: Limit on the amount of money a government may borrow.
11. Delegated Powers: Power given to the federal government by the Constitution.
12. Dissenting Opinion: Statement written by a Supreme Court Justice who disagrees with the majority decision.
13. Double Jeopardy: Being tried a second time for the same crime.
14. Draft: Policy requiring men to serve in the military.
15. Due Process: Right of all people to a fair trial.
16. Electoral College: Group of people who cast the official votes that elect the President and Vice President.
17. Filibuster: Method of delaying action in the Senate by making long speeches.
18. General Election: Election in which the voters elect our leaders.
19. Glittering Generalities: Method uses words that sound good but have little real meaning.
20. Home Rule: Power of a city to write its own municipal charter and to manage its own affairs.
21. Immigrant: Person who comes to a nation to settle as a permanent resident.
22. Implied Power: Authority not specifically granted to Congress by the Constitution but which is suggested to be necessary to carry out the specific powers.
23. Interest: Payment made for the use of loaned money.
24. Interest Group: Organization of people with common interests who try to influence government policies and decisions.
25. Lobbyist: Person paid to represent an interest group’s viewpoint at congressional committee hearings and who tries to influence the votes of Congress members.
26. Marbury v.

Good vocabulary words to use in a persuasive essay

good vocabulary words to use in a persuasive essay or ..

Vocabulary to use in college essays - …

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Good vocabulary words to use in essays

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Good vocabulary words to use in essays..
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