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The opposition came from four main sides; The government and reform; the actual character of Nicholas II hindered his time in office, for example his outlooks on situations meant he did not trust a lot of his advisors, he was also seen to have been very lazy with respects to making decisions, other observations included him being, weak, timid and lacked guts....

The Murder Of Tsar Nicholas II And His Family

THE JEWS MURDERED Czar Nicholas II and the Russian Imperial Romanov Family

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The simpleminded Nicholas, the tragically hemophiliac Alexis, the understandably distressed and distraught Tsarina, and the charming Grand Duchesses, certainly deserve some ennoblement and commemoration for the horror of their untimely end, so characteristic of the new Russia and the 20th century.

Was Tsar Nicholas II mainly to blame for the 1905 Revolution

When this furry was turned on the Tsar, and even on the people of Russia themselves, waves of murder and terror would result, on a scale at which the French Revolution could only hint, but which would become all too characteristic of revolutionary politics in the 20th century.
Above is Tsar Nicholas II, costumed in the long robes of Mediaeval Russia.

Prior to Tsar Nicholas II becoming the Emperor, Russia had gone through some radical and political changes....

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In social terms, the Russian Tsar did not allow political opinions and therefore did not allow the congregation of political enthusiasts, limiting the opportunity for a revolution.

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The urban labour force grew rapidly. For example the population of St Petersburg and Moscow increased by over 100%. Nearly 50% of workers worked in factories with over 1000 employees. Wages, hours of work and housing conditions were usually very poor. This was especially true in Moscow. Government attempts to improve conditions were resisted bitterly by employers there. The development of a large industrial working class was to create a lot of political problems for Czar Nicholas II.

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Nicholas II, the last Russian Emperor, was the eldest son of Alexander III and was born in 1868. He ascended the throne after the death of his father in 1894, and was crowned on 14 May 1896. The ceremony in Moscow was overshadowed by a catastrophe on Khodynskoe Field, where more than a thousand spectators were crushed to death.

2000 “During the reign of Nicholas II, Russia experienced revolution at home and war abroad”. Discuss

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One major success during the reign of Alexander III was the acceleration of industrial development that continued under his son Nicholas II. The man most associated with this policy was Sergei Witte who was Minister of Finance from 1892 until 1903. He encouraged foreign investment and placed the rouble on the gold standard.

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Tsar Nicholas II decision to go into the Great War which led to the February revolution in 1917 could be seen as the facilitator [awk] that led to his eventual downfall.

Nicholas II played, by far the biggest role in his downfall as the Tsar of Russia

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Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov was born near St Petersburg on 18 May 1868, the eldest son of Tsar Alexander III. When he succeeded his father in 1894, he had very little experience of government. In the same year, Nicholas married Princess Alexandra of Hesse-Darmstadt (a duchy in Germany). They had four daughters and a son, Alexis, who suffered from the disease haemophilia.