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I move among the people eyes down
I carry no visible scars for proof
I returned blending into mediocrity
I know how I remained secure whilst
I spoke to those playing roulette on horrid ground
I heard their destruction
I imagined their terror
I see their scars-altered bodies now
I see the pink, raw and crumpled
Freakish folds of repaired skin
I see the surgeons work
The politician’s choice
The people's lot
I stand in the shower physically whole
I touch what they have lost yet
I cannot touch what I have lost
I do not know exactly what it is or where it was
I move among the people eyes down
I feel a coward.

An ex-officer

Left Legacies and the Counter Culture of Remembrance Richard A.

For me at least it is this second layer that is by far the most interesting.

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Koestenbaum notes: “Lily Hoang prompts us to rethink what literature today can aspire to.” And Maggie Nelson adds: “Rarely have I come across tenderness, venom, and fire held so intimately, so exquisitely, as in Lily Hoang’s A Bestiary….

Yet, mad am I not--and very surely do I not dream.

The trip is nicely drawn, and very necessary for later character development, but the novel really starts to come into its own when the group returns home to find their homes abandoned, their dogs and stock dead, all the people, all the adults gone. With no one to turn to they start to panic, to rush this way and that as they try to discover what is going on. Then, as they start to work out what has happened, to try and deny it.

Lily Hoang writes like she has nothing to lose and everything at stake.”

The Return of the Civil War Soldiers - Michael Brett

Appropriately, the narrator calls his cat, Pluto, who in Greek and Roman mythology was the god of the dead and the ruler of the underworld (symbolism).

Fiancé in Afghanistan - Abi Townsend

- A long, thought-provoking and cool examination of the nature and outmoded use of warfare in the 21st century by a veteran of the Vietnam War. Curtis D. Bennett was the first contributor of war poetry to this website and has contributed many outstanding poems over the years, first about the Vietnam War and then about Iraq and other conflicts. See, for example, the page and the page.

He alone fed him, and Pluto followed the narrator wherever he went.

The reader also discovers (with the introduction of Pluto into the story) that the narrator is superstitious, as he recounts that his wife made "...frequent allusion to the ancient popular notion, [that] all black cats [are] witches in disguise." Even though the narrator denies this (much as the narrator in denies that he or she is insane), the reader becomes increasingly aware of his superstitious belief as the story progresses.

which first appeared in the  on August 19, 1843, serves as a reminder for all of us.

She fell dead upon the spot without a groan."

Within the first few paragraphs of the story, the narrator foreshadows that he will violently harm his wife ("At length, I even offered her personal violence.").

Walker is professor emeritus of geography at the University of California.

I wish you all health and a little more courtesy.

In the aftermath we see the real power of these novels. Ellie is no Rambo and neither are her friends. They are just ordinary kids trying to cope with a world gone mad. Ellie is shattered by what she has done and struggles to cope, supported and helped by each of the others, as she has helped them. It isn’t enough and Ellie collapses internally as they retreat to their bush camp and start to prepare for what could be a long war. As Ellie slowly recovers mentally and Lee physically, the web of feelings and relationships that tie the party together is wound ever tighter.

He has written on a diverse range of topics in economic, urban, and environmental geography.

- A song - read the words and hear the song.

The narrator of first becomes annoyed when Pluto "inflicted a slight wound upon [the] hand with his teeth." After he is bitten by the cat, the narrator cuts out its eye.