The Therapeutic Nurse Client Relationship Nursing Essay Introduction


-essential part to any profession
-required to build and maintain relationships
-two key aspects are: listening and exploring

-a therapeutic communication skill
-could also be known as attending
-attending behaviour is seen as “outward physical manifestation of a nurse’s readiness to listen” (Jasmine, 2009, p.36)
-good listening involves; appropriate posture, facial expressions and eye contact

-more than listening and being able to ask appropriate questions
-must include effective questioning techniques, ask deeper questions and understand the patient better
-essential for promoting a therapeutic healing process and a deeper relationship
Kate's Story
Relevancy of Story in
regards to Concept and Theory
-Kate spent extra time to ensure therapeutic communication by listening to the client's ideas/wants/needs and exploring the barriers to their interaction by asking deeper and more pertinent questions to the situation

Therapeutic communication is the basis for the healing aspect of Peplau's theory--- it is based on the interaction that is necessary to achieve a common goal

-involves the nurse understanding that the way he/she communicates affects the therapeutic relationship
(involves self-reflection)
Person- (client)-probably was feeling anxious about being in hospital, non trusting towards nursing staff

Environment- hospital

Nursing-Kate used therapeutic communication to work with the client to move towards the goal of optimal health

Health-the client did not view it as a top priority at beginning of the interaction

-Kate fulfilled the role of STRANGER at the beginning, giving common courtesy and respect
-She then fulfilled the role of the TEACHER by educating about the importance of increasing mobility, checking blood sugars
-She acted as a COUNSELOR by offering encouragement and support
-Kate took charge as a LEADER by prompting the client towards the goal of optimal health

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At the core of nursing is the therapeutic nurse-client relationship

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The National Competency Standard for Registered Nurses state that nurses are responsible for “establishing, sustaining and concluding professional relationship with individuals/groups.” Throughout this essay the importance of forming a therapeutic relationships will be explained.

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Essay nurse patient relationship

-the professional relationship is terminated, client dependent behaviour ceases
-client’s needs have been met
Broad Strengths
-Gain knowledge that can be implemented in future experiences
-Immediate and long-term benefits

Broad Weaknesses
-Roles are outdated
-Based on North American tradition
-Focused on clinical setting
-Theory harder to understand and more difficult to follow than models
-Theoretical assumptions from another discipline

Specific Strengths
-Huge impact for psychiatric nursing
-Decreases anxiety
-Allows patient to problem solve
Specific Criticisms
-Must have good communication skills
-Patient must want help and recognize the need
-Must be non-judgmental and non-biased
What is Therapeutic

-therapeutic: “curative, the art of healing; the branch of medicine concerned with treatment of disease and action of remedial agents in disease or health”
(Jasmine, 2009, p.35)

-communicate: “impart or transmit: to have social dealings with; to succeed in conveying information” (Jasmine, 2009, p.