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The author of the article asserts that the reason why facebook became popular was not its functions as most of the users had friends that were in the same college with them. In this case, there was no need for social networking as they could interact with each other physically each day (Mathias 1). The popularity of the site is vested on the fact that people could log into the site with the aim of learning more about the persons in the same library with them even though most of the information incorporated into the site might be fake fictional, or funny. This clearly indicates that people prefer online interactions than real interactions because they accord them with the fun that lacks in real interactions. In essence, the current generation that prefers online interactions to real life interaction even though they understand fake information is provided in online interaction, can be referred to as a fakebook generation because it shuns the real life in favor of fiction.

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Another aspect of theater is the capability of creating awareness on issues.

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To say that dance can involve representation or berepresentative overall is not the same as saying that the essentialnature of dance is or should be to represent. In thecourse of dance history, however, some dance theorists have made thisstronger claim, particularly in the 17th and 18thcenturies. (See Carroll and Banes 1999, Cohen 1992, 42 and Franko 1989;see also Wolterstorff 1995 on the Romantic view of representation inart). By the early 20th century, the idea that dance shouldimitate nature also included the idea that it should imitate humannature, including the emotions (see Cohen 1992). Dancer and choreographer Ruth St. Denis alsoheld the idea that dance should represent “the most noblethoughts of man” (Cohen 1992, 120). Today there is a generalconsensus among dance theorists that dance can but that itneed not represent in any imitative way, although there aresome dance theorists who still hold that dance must be communicativeand that, therefore, there is no purely nonrepresentational dance.

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The Western novel is a product of modern civilization, although in the Far East novels began a separate development as early as the tenth century. Extended prose works of complex interpersonal relations and motivations begin in seventeenth-century France with (1678) by Madame de Lafayette. Eighteenth-century France produced an immense number of novels dealing with love analysis but none to compare with Madame de Lafayette’s until Pierre Choderlos de Laclos wrote (1782). This was, in form, an exchange of letters between two corrupters of youth; but, in intent, it was a savage satire of the ancient regime and a heart-rending psychological study. The English novel of the eighteenth century was less subtle, more robust — vulgar in the best sense — and is exemplified by Henry Fielding’s (1749) and Laurence Sterne’s . The nineteenth century was the golden age of the novel. It became ever more profound, complex, and subtle (or, on the other hand, more popular, eventful, and sentimental). By the beginning of the twentieth century it had become the most common form of thoughtful reading matter and had replaced, for most educated people, religious, philosophical, and scientific works as a medium for the interpretation of life. By the late 1920s the novel had begun to show signs of decay as a form, and no works have since been produced to compare with the recent past. This may prove to be a temporarily barren period, or else the novel may be losing its energy as a narrative art form and in this sense giving way to the medium of film.

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Further success in the 1950’s-60’s came in TIE, with the work of JoanLittlewood and the Theatre workshop of London.

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Another difference is that dance performances are more oftenproduced for live performance than for a recording. In the case of rockmusic and in jazz, for example, performances might be primarily forrecorded music, with listening to the recording serving as a primary way for theappreciator to access the performance (see Gracyk 1997 and A. Hamilton2003). And where there are some theatrical performances that aredesigned for film (think of Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet,for example), this tends to be less true for dance, although there arecases where dances are made specifically for media such as film, forYouTube or for television shows. (For an article on dance in film seeBrannigan 2014.) What this means is that dance aesthetics places a highpremium on the live performance event setting, with whatever featuresattach to live performance (ephemerality, difficulties of preservation,visceral and kinaesthetic experiences, etc.).

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Re:"What our top spy doesn't get", I completely agree with you and have been making the same point since the TSA screening started. However, I just read your article about RealID, and though I agree with your thesis, I would argue it is an Incremental step to better Law Enforcement and counter-intuitively better privacy. As you mentioned there are a wide number of divergent systems tracking our information. One jurisdiction as no connection with another's. This means a criminal in one county, has to simply move to a new county for complete anonymity. I agree that RealID poses a false goal much like the TSA, as in the lines mean you are safe, the card means you are safe. But considering there are currently hundreds of forms of State ID in the US, it makes the ability to forge one form that much easier. A national ID system, IF properly implemented could provide much needed transparency and protection to how our personal information is collected and stored [it is now, but we know very little of all the different processes, rules, regs, etc.]. For one, it could allow integration with Voting registry, instantly enabling someone to be registered upon issue, to vote [we have a cannot drink until 21 stamp, why not a cannot vote until 18 message embedded in the chip].

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However, the main
expansion of TIE came when a number of professional theatre companies
began the notion of creating these experiences and took them into