If forgiveness depends on the situation, then is it necessary at all.

Jesus uses this story to try to teach a lesson to the Pharisees that everyone deserves the hope provided by a second chance in life if they are willing to swallow their pride, admit their mistakes, and ask for forgiveness....

Does forgiveness allow someone to continue their life in peace.

No one can touch justice or forgiveness, but you can see the outcomes when they are demonstrated.

However, the emotional concern often results from unforgiveness.

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Grace is forgiveness and the only real grace comes from God.

I only ask that of you.” Upon examination of Les Miserables, it is clearly evident that the elements of Forgiveness, Self – Sacrifice, and Courage are only a few of the main themes Hugo wanted to develop.

The act of forgiving isn’t always saying sorry to someone, but showing them actions of forgiveness.

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The question may be asked, for what does she forgive Mbelo? For bringing about the death of her son? For betraying his own blood (as two other mothers, Mrs. Mjobo and Mrs. Konile, say when they confront Mbelo), for allowing his evil side to prevail, and for contemplating, planning and committing the deed? In offering Mbelo her forgiveness, does she mean to say, "I forgive you for being so malicious, so perverted, so indescribably wicked as to have committed this abhorrent act that has robbed me of my son"?

Forgiveness is a feeling or action that another person does when a wrong has been done to that individual he or she may or may not forgive....

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Long Night's Journey into Day shows what is probably the most remarkable aspect of the TRC's work - the moving stories of forgiveness by families of victims in response to perpetrators' apologies. The story of the mothers of the Guguletu 7 offers the most dramatic illustration of how forgiveness may be offered instead of revenge. It is clear from the scene of the mothers meeting the man responsible for their sons' deaths that they are willfully "letting go" of the anger and rage they had expressed earlier. Their gesture of forgiveness seems to symbolize the release of something that was burdensome.

One group specialized in Forgiveness Therapy while the others focused on alternative individualized treatment based on routine therapy techniques....

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Reed and Enright (2006) posit clients will achieve greater relief of negative psychological symptoms in long-term recovery with the use of forgiveness therapy in replacement of alternative treatments that have been utilized prior....

That beautiful gift is a promise of forgiveness and eternal life in the sacrifice shed by his blood on the cross.

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People who come to the point of forgiveness have lived with and know pain. That is their reality: living daily with pain and memory of trauma. All these emotions connect them with their departed loved ones, and so they are a force that provides some continuity. Paradoxically, these emotions also tie the individual to the one who caused the traumatic wounds. On the one hand, the perpetrator is the hated one responsible for the family's anguish; on the other hand, the family members of the victim look to the perpetrator to get a glimpse of the final living moments of the loved one. The perpetrator is the bearer of the secrets, the only one who observed that important moment when the loved one breathed their last.