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In our opinion , every countries concern with this matters should response in different portion but the most legally parties response is the company owner of the Prestige and the oil company because they had took a lot of advantage from avoidance certain regulation which was they should pay for themselves
In the same time , the inspectors organization for the vessel should have response with this case in terms of inspected without careful as there duties before the ship out to the sea
For the countries around Galicia, even in our opinion should be the least legally responsible for this case but for their refusal to allow the ship to dock in their port since the tank was burst because of to protect just only their coast.

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After all, the whole purpose of getting rich off other people's labor is to live well, avoiding all forms of thankless toil and drudgery, enjoying superior opportunities for lavish life-styles, medical care, education, travel, recreation, security, leisure, and opportunities for power and prestige.

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In The Prestige case, if the Spain , France and Portugal government has more faster on the way they should do when the first burst of tank then the effect could not be crucial as it was.

[IMAGE] Local fisherman Manuel Boullosa Two weeks after the Prestige sank, patches of oil are still washing up on the coast of Galicia....

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In fact, the Prestige was very old ship and carried almost the deadweight of their carrying capacity
- When it refueled, it stood off the port of Gibraltar ( the British colony sharing the borders with Spain to the north) to avoid the chance of inspection.

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6. Other people will assume the ring is made of diamond, since they won't be able to tell the difference. I'm not one to pass something off as another, but the reality is that people are so brainwashed about diamonds that everyone who sees your fiancée's ring will assume it is made out of diamond. (Most of the time, it's not worth explaining to them it's not.) In the 6 months my fiancée has had her ring, 100% of the people who have seen it think it's diamond. If you're worried about a "loss in prestige" if someone notices, rest assured that other people will never know unless you tell them. (Note: do not try to buy your fiancée a moissanite ring and pass it off as a diamond. Honesty is key - talk to her about it first.)

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Every aspect of its operations was calculated to avoid tax, ownership obligations and regulatory scrutiny.( Will Hutton , November 2002 )

By registered in different country the company take advantage of “ Flag of Convenience” the purpose from registered in foreign country such as
- avoid the government’s strict regulation
- reducing the operation and transportation cost
- to avoid heavy taxes
- to avoid of environmental regulation
- to take advantage of hire crews from lower-wages countries

Ethical Issue

There are many countries concern with Prestige
o The ship was registered in the Bahamas by a company incorporated in Liberia.

• Instead, Spanish authorities used a Dutch salvage ship to tow the Prestige out to sea, in order to protect ecologically-sensitive coasts.

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Are materialinterests (money, land, assets, etc.) the only basis of inequality? represents another form of inequality – standing, esteem, respect, prestige,may involve physical ability, intelligence, beauty, are ranked in order ofprestige – doctors, corporate lawyers, financial experts …to garbage collectors and janitors.

The Prestige is a film adaptation of the Christopher Priest novel bearing the same name

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Represent scientific and technical knowledge – engineers,accountants, lawyers, architects, university faculty, managers and directors ofpublic and private organizations. Have both high incomes and high socialprestige. Difficult to define a “middleclass” (i.e. upper middle, middle and lowermiddle) probably the largest class group in the – because being middle class is morethat just income, about lifestyles and resources, etc.

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The above quote is on page 258 of Denning's book.
It is self-serving to associate a criminal's actions with the prestige of a scientist who does an experiment.