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The belief, “the harder you work the luckier you get”, is a true statement which I think every person should have a strong belief in. This statement applies to everything in life ranging from a job or career to sports. In other words, if an individual does his best at what he does he will have great success in what he is doing. The lucky part is the success you get after you have put in the time to do your work.

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I grew up in two cities, Edmonton and North Vancouver. I left Edmonton when I was 16, and did my young adult life in Vancouver. I was able to accomplish a lot while in the lower mainland, got my bachelor’s, started to work straight from graduation in a great conuslting job, got married, bought an apartment, two beautiful kids arrived to make us a family, got my Master’s degree. We thought we where set – luckiest couple alive to be in such a gorgeous city and our careers where thriving. THEN it hit – buckled to our knees trying to pay for one child in day care while my wife returned to work, then our baby girl arrived and it was impossible to explain the logic of my wife returning to work and then just hand that money over to a child care provider. So she stayed home and we started to bleed money. Contract work was great when your fending for yourself, now with a family – contract work not so great and then it starting to not become full time anymore, cuts were happening, job not so secure anymore. Groceries, Mortgage, One Vehicle, One Income, No Benefits, No Savings – I started to have restless nights.

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There are good people in Vancouver who give this city some spark and light; but most times I felt no joie de vivre, no… happiness. Everyone is working so hard to maintain the appearance of being affluent that they lose their souls in the process. They lose their ability to enjoy life. And what good is a city surrounded by nature if you can’t find it in your heart to enjoy it to its fullest because you are worried about bills all the time?

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The harder you work the luckier you get essay

I am leaving Vancouver next week to return to Ireland after just over two years and can identify with alot of what you say. In Vancouver’s defence, it is still a very young city, compared even with Montreal and Toronto and it is still finding its identity. I know what you mean about the lack of soul…….however people I worked with who are from the city or have emigrated here are very proud of the place and can’t understand why I am leaving (family reasons ultimately). I have actually felt embarrassed telling people I am leaving!
I love the outdoor lifestyle here, the city comes alive in the summer months and I love skiing in the winter. I was really lucky and got a well paid job within a month of arriving and my wife already had one (her transfer was the reason we came here). That meant we could really take advantage of the best of what Vancouver has to offer. If we didn’t have the income I can imagine it would be a completely different experience. That said the rain in winter is even more depressing than in Ireland!
There are many things to critisize this city on but it is a beautiful place and has many qualities. Everyone is friendly, it takes a while to work out the genuine ones. I will miss it but will return. Our first child was born here and we found the health care excellent. In an ideal world I would live in Vancouver for 3 months of the year. I fear if everyone else has the same view as me it really will become a resort city and not a city to be taken seriously but I think the city is working hard to create a culture.
The worst thing for me is the poverty of the downtown eastside, literally a ten minute walk from the ridiculous wealth of Yaletown and Coal Harbour. There is nothing worse than the sight of a young twenty something chinese guys driving around in ferraris like lunatics downtown and the poor people of East Hastings. The city powers that be really need to tackle this. When I return there will be more glittering towers but I hope there will be progress on stamping out the rampant poverty and homelessness.

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Really it’s so nice to hear that I am not the only one feeling frustrated with Vancouver. I was born here. I moved to Toronto from age 12 to 21 and the whole time just wanted to come back to Vancouver. When I did I was lucky enough that I could transfer through my job and had some family here to provide some support. I have been here 9 years now and had have gone to two post secondary schools and work as a server. I would love a new job but can’t seem to get one that will pay enough so I can see an end to my student loan debt. I am married to someone with a stable job that pays ok. It pays ok here, elsewhere it would be enough for us to buy a house. I mostly walk around and feel angry. I watch people barely scrape by and like one poster said, get pushed out of the city simply because they are low income. It seems like nothing is really being done to address the huge income gaps and the mentality seems to be that if you don’t make $100k a year then you shouldn’t live here. It really feels like you are expected to work 60 hours a week and be happy about it because you can say you live in Vancouver. I am really at a loss for what my generation is going to do.

The harder you work the luckier you become

Anabelle you have written what so many people think/feel/know about this city. You are also right about Vancouver not having any soul – something many of us living here speak of often. I’m a native of Victoria who worked abroad for many years and when I moved back to Canada with my wife (a native of Montreal!) we had to choose between Vancouver and Montreal. Oh how I wish I could choose again because life here has been very difficult indeed. I LOVE Montreal. I want to move to Montreal (at least for half the year!). Good Luck!