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Camerawork Magazine, which ran from 1976 until 1985, was the only magazine in the United Kingdom devoted to a critical and contextual study of photography. It established itself as a source for challenging hallowed ideas about photography and photography education; many of its contributors and editors are now regarded as pioneering photography practitioners, artists, theorists and teachers.

This anthology of fifteen significant essays from Camerawork covers a wide range of photographic genres: documentary, fashion, amateur, self-identity, representations of class, and stresses the concept of visual culture, its context, and its wider importance.

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The judges felt that, among the cross-section of entries from metropolitan and regional media, Miranda Grant was a standout. Her video stories for ABC Open on the recovery journey of Grantham flood victims were both engaging and exceptionally crafted. A progressive young journalist, Miranda combined skilful camerawork, editing and scripting to produce an insightful series that truly captured the essence of a community trying to move forward.

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It thus challenged hallowed ideas on photography and photographic education and helped its contributors to establish regulations, in some cases world-wide, as writers and thinkers on photographic and art history and theory." "This book collects essays first published in Camerawork between 1976 and 1985, but no longer easily accessible, and a new essay on the work of Jo Spence, an originator of the magazine and workshop.

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