if you're used to your camera doing all the work for you.

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In this essay I’ll begin by explaining how the first aspect called the Camera Obscura started.

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Based on the interpretation of the data obtained from Novicam company documents, financial performances, competitive advantages and unique offer of services this research will develop data in a range from less critical to the most important and provide a universal list of critical notes to create a successful strategy....

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As time went on and technology grew, the format of digital cinema became more popular due to the accessibility of buying a digital camera and ease of filming and editing a movie more efficiently....

The technology used throughout the lesson was a digital camera, internet search, and power point.
While the Kodak camera was $15, the Brownie was a portable, $1 or less, camera just five inches long and three inches high....

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Do you prefer to work at the office and chat with your co-worker face to face or just stay home, transfer files to your computers and chat with your co-worker through the web camera from home....

This micro essay will explore the following features, framing and camera movement in a 5 minute sequence.

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In order to down-render the videos off the camera, I cropped and re-compressed using FFMpeg at a reduced quality level. Here's a frame right off the camera:

The conflict of the book is the fact that they are homeless, but that just adds to the main idea and everything works out.

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