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Direction: Howard Hawks. Screenplay: Leigh Brackett, Jules Furthman and William Faulkner, after the novel by Raymond Chandler. Cinematography: Sid Hickox. Art direction: Carl Weyl. Editing: Christian Nyby. Music: Max Steiner. Production: Hawks. Warner Brothers.
The players: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, John Ridgely, Martha Vickers, Elisha Cook Jr., Sonia Darrin, Louis Jean Heydt, Dorothy Malone, Regis Toomey, Charles Waldron, Charles D. Brown, Bob Steele, Peggy Knudsen, Ben Welden, Tom Fadden, Trevor Bardette.

Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep More Than Just Another 'Whodunit'

Raymond Chandler creates a strong skeleton of figurative language in his novel, The Big Sleep.

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The Big Sleep study guide contains a biography of Raymond Chandler, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Raymond Chandler's Hardboiled Prose Style: The Big Sleep

NOTE: The sentences in our were adapted from the sentences in the first three paragraphs of The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler.

In Raymond Chandler’s, “The Big Sleep,” the history of LA and the history of the characters drove and developed the plot.

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Ever since its emergence, it has been discussed whether a detective-novel be considered serious literature. It is hard to answer this question, mainly because it raises two other questions: is there anything like "non-serious" literature, and if this is the case, who draws the line between serious and "non-serious" literature? Apparently, answering these questions is not as difficult as it seems, since some critics have already made up their minds. Detective-fiction could not possibly be considered serious literature, since its only goal was to entertain or distract the reader. Even if this was the case, the question could be raised whether it is not the goal of any piece of literature to entertain or distract the reader, and if a book that fails to do so should be considered a huge failure. Still, it is nevertheless popular to consider detective-fiction trash at the worst, low-quality literature most frequently, and light reading at the best. This may be the reason why it is hard to find Raymond Chandler in any Literature Companion. Even though there is a growing crowd of critics who admit to the brilliance of Chandler's work, there are still those who consider his works merely a collection of whodunits. However, if one takes a close look at his novels, it is hard to overlook their brilliance and to ignore the fact that Chandler's work is the very proof for the possibility of producing first-rate literature by means of a popular genre. At closer examination, Chandler's first novel, The Big Sleep, will prove anybody who thinks otherwise wrong.

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Chandler's bleak account of corrupt American society became the perfect subject matter for 1940s and 50s Hollywood movie directors, who created a new cinematic style known as (literally "black film"). Film noir is best known for its grim plotlines, dark lighting, tough guys and femme fatales. Chandler's novel The Big Sleep is actually more well-known as the starring none other than (we like to call him Bogie) in the role of Marlowe. Bogie is of course the quintessential tough guy with a hard shell hiding a soft heart. And even though he gets battered and bruised by life's brutality, he always stands up for what's right. And that puts him high on our list of good guys.

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The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

A lot of more could be said about the novel, and many other proofs could be used to illustrate that Chandler's work is more than only pulp fiction. He regards the actual mystery as "the olive in the martini" only. Obviously, the frame of the crime story is merely used to send some other, more subtle messages. And if the definition of literature was really to depend on whether the piece of writing does more than simply entertain the reader, no one can deny Chandler's work this status. All of his critics should definitely reconsider their opinion on Chandler. They do have all reason to regard him as one of the great American writers. And then it is about time that they pay him and his work the attention both deserve. Maybe it is time that those critics wake up from their own, personal Big Sleep.

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"The most durable thing in writing is ," said novelist Raymond Chandler, "and style is the most valuable investment a writer can make with his time." These examples of Raymond Chandler's hardboiled style have been drawn from the opening and closing chapters of his 1939 novel, The Big Sleep. (Note that several of Chandler's have been adapted for our .)