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On September 15, 2016, the University notified school districts that it will automatically admit students in the top 7 percent of their high school classes to summer/fall 2018 and to spring 2019.In addition to graduating under the coursework requirements found in the state’s , to be eligible for automatic admission, applicants from Texas public high schools must complete the Foundation High School Program with the Distinguished Level of Achievement.

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Available exemptions are based on achieving certain benchmarks on either the SAT or the ACT or completing high school coursework that is equal in content and rigor to the state’s high school graduation requirements.In order for a student to qualify for automatic admission, the high school must report the student's rank as prescribed by section 51.803 of the Texas Education Code.To be considered for admission to the Cockrell School of Engineering, the Jackson School of Geosciences, the Economics major in the College of Liberal Arts, and the Environmental Science major in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Natural Sciences, applicants who are otherwise eligible for automatic admission to the University must meet the calculus-readiness requirement.

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The affected high school must report the student’s rank in the manner required for automatic admission; all other policies relating to the freshman application process and automatic admission apply.Applicants not eligible for automatic admission. To be considered for freshman admission, applicants who are not eligible for consideration under the provisions of section 51.803 of the Texas Education Code must normally have graduated from or be on track to graduate from high school and have met the high school preparation requirements.As a state-assisted institution, the University reserves 90 percent of its spaces for Texas residents per Texas law; 10 percent of the spaces are reserved for out-of-state and international students.Notifying applicants of admission decisions.

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