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On other metrics, though, the results are less clear. New Mexico’s scores on the National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP) stayed essentially flat from 2009 to 2015, a period when scores nationwide also stalled.

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Ways the Children of Single Parents Defy All Stereotypes

All of the liberal concern about single motherhood might more usefully be channeled into protecting single mothers, rather than the elaborate clucking and exquisite condescension that get us nowhere. Attention should be paid to the serious underlying economic inequities, without the colorful surface distraction of concerned or judgmental prurience. Let’s abandon the fundamentally frothy question of who is wearing a ring. Young men need jobs so they can pay child support and contribute more meaningfully to the households they are living in. The real menace to America’s children is not single mothers, or unmarried or gay parents, but an economy that stokes an unconscionable divide between the rich and the not rich.

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An analysis of transfer transcripts performed by the Scottsdale (Arizona) Unified School District reveals an often overlooked benefit to inclusive choice policies: they incentivize suburban districts to participate in voluntary open enrollment (the practice of allowing students who live in one school district to apply to attend school in another). Scottsdale Unified, a wealthy suburban district, hired a team of demographers to study enrollment trends, and in 2012, Arizona’s auditor general released a report on the district. Scottsdale Unified has the capacity to serve 38,000 students but educates only 25,000—4,000 of whom opted for Scottsdale schools through open enrollment. These 4,000 transfer students would have ranked Scottsdale Unified as the ninth-largest charter school management organization in Arizona that year, if indeed it were a CMO.

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The Negative Effects of Single Parent Homes on Children

I happen to have two children with two different fathers, neither of whom I live with, and both of whom we are close to. I am lucky enough to be living in financially stable, relatively privileged circumstances, and to have had the education that allows me to do so. I am not the “typical” single mother, but then there is no typical single mother any more than there is a typical mother. It is, in fact, our fantasies and crude stereotypes of this “typical single mother” that get in the way of a more rational, open-minded understanding of the variety and richness of different kinds of families.

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In the view of charter advocates, though, the new law simply brings more balance to school funding. “At the end of the day what the bill does for charter schools is it just creates equity in funding,” Ralph Arza of the Florida Charter School Alliance told the Herald.

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Refusing such transfers isn’t a practical option for Arizona’s suburban districts; they need the students. Scottsdale Unified’s analysis, for instance, showed that there were 9,000 school-age children living in the district but not attending its schools. The analysis of transcript requests from students exiting Scottsdale schools revealed that a large majority of them were leaving to attend charter schools. Scottsdale Unified was using only 65 percent of building capacity, despite taking in 4,000 out-of-district children. Reflecting a statewide trend for both districts and charters, Scottsdale Unified shows consistent signs of academic improvement on the state’s test, the AzMERIT. Choice programs have put pressure on Scottsdale Unified, and academic results there have improved.