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-- Donald Boudreaux, in his article, . located . In all fairness, Dr. Boudreaux also says, "Friends of liberty do their cause no favors by exaggerating the moral shortcomings of politicians or by portraying them as inherently stupid, fiendish, or sinister."
"Okay then, how about misguided, careless, amoral, desperate or blind?" -- Dan Jergens

Short essay on indiscipline among students : Janitor-exceeds

Mahatma Gandhi is remembered in the world for four major virtues

They are non-violence, truth, love and fraternity

"[Certain politicians] don't mind if price controls cause shortages of health care. In fact, they welcome the prospect, because then they can impose rationing; they can impose priorities, and tell everyone how much of what kind of medical care they can have. And besides, ... there's that deeply satisfying rush of power. We should know by now that reasoned arguments by economists or disillusioned ex-controllers are not going to stop them." --

"A lot of what is called 'public service' consists of making hoops for other people to jump through. It is a great career for those who cannot feel fulfilled unless they are telling other people what to do." -- Thomas Sowell

Film is a means of creative expression

The United States and England are the biggest terrist. They taught the world. The Islamic group want Bush and Blair out the way. The United States and England people is not in harm way just their government. Tgey to create a white democracy which is control by them. Islam is a democracy in its right. Islam is a perfect religion, but when others interfere it cause problems. The western world and Europe want drugs to brought from Islam Nation. Asia,and Afric to corrupt the world. Islamic, Asia, Africa Society see it and the way to make money. The Queen of England need to open her eyes and fire Blair because of the war. Bush is a big ass and smell like a shit ass. Rice is a yes lady of the new slave platation, and the rest os staff is ignorant political leaders Bush being lead by an ass hole. Russia, Germany, France and European countries can have peace without England, and the United States. Japan with other Asians countries can be leader for peace. Korean believe the United and Islamic countries believe the United States with England don't the power to the only nation with Nuclear war heads or Nuclear energy. Isreal is to bethe power over Islam Countries with the US. and England. Islam not Gods chosen few. All man kin kind is Gods chosen people. The United States used the first Nuclear Bomd (Atom) on a small country. The US. don't want or beleve in peace. The US. were in wars since this country became a nation. This country was taken from indian by England the mother country of the US. Terrious are England and the United States. Islam is part of society no matter the US. and England don't it to be.

It performs the functions of mass media
Such as information, education, entertainment and transmission of culture

This is a list of atheists in politics and law

There have been many atheists who have participated in politics or law

What the Terrorists Want - Schneier on Security

How to Make Wealth - Paul Graham

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