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More generally, it can be said that no interpretation of the declineof the Roman empire can be declared satisfactory it it does not also accountfor the triumph of Christianity.It may seem ridiculous to have to emphasize this proposition so many yearsafter A.

The Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire - Essay Example

In a time when the Roman Empire was a corrupt and  place, Christianity offered something else.

The Spread of Christianity - Christianity in the Roman Empire

life is the great object of religion, we may hear withoutsurprise or scandal that the introduction, or least the abuse, ofChristianity had some influence on the decline and fall of theRoman empire.

Christianity and the Decline of the Roman Empire.

Although in the first few centuries AD Christians were prosecuted and punished, often with death, there were also periods when they were more secure. Secondly, the rise of Christianity to imperial-sponsored dominance in the fourth and fifth centuries, although surprising, was not without precedent, and its spread hardly as inexorable as contemporary Christians portrayed it.

Gibbonfocused attention on Christianity as the main factor of change and, as hethrought, of decadence in the structure of the Roman empire.

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Constantine, who succeeded Diocletian in 3o6,reigned until 327, and Shapur II (309-370), who had become king ofPersia, observing the many difficulties gathering around Rome, in 359invaded Mesopotamia and besieged Amida, which he took after a longsiege. It was inevitable for Rome to interfere again, more especiallybecause repeated efforts had been made to capture the great frontierfortress of Nisibis. In 362, the Emperor Julian, at the head of a largearmy, invaded Persia, but this enterprise turned out ill; he himselfwas slain, his army was defeated, and it was only with great difficultythat his successor jovian rescued its remnants. After this disaster theRomans were compelled to purchase peace on very unfavourable terms, andthe five provinces ceded to Rome in 298 had to be restored.

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So far the diffusion of Hellenism was the workof the Seleucids, then of the Romans. Now a new factor appears. In thefourth century the eastward spread of Hellenism became the deliberatetask of the Christian Church, which at that time identified itself withthe Roman Empire. From this point the political history of Rome may belaid aside and attention concentrated on the outspread of Christianity.

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It seems fairly certain that Buddhism promotedintercourse between the Graeco-Roman world, especially Alexandria, andthe parts of India comprised in the Gupta Empire, more particularly atPataliputra, where Indian scholarship shows distinct traces of Greekinfluence.

The rise of Christianity during the Roman Empire was seen as a threat against the Empire

The Bible And Christianity -- The Historical Origins

Rostovtzeffand Pirenne, who loved the cities of men, may be excused if they remainedunimpressed by theologians who talked or seemed to talk about the ideaof the city of God.It is the modest purpose of this paper to reassert the view that there is adirect relation between the triumph of Christianity and the decline of the Roman empire.

311 CE The Edict of Toleration is issued, ending the persecution of Christians in Roman Empire 312 CE Emperor Constantine converts, becoming the first Christian emperor

Mithraism is an ancient roman religion from the 1st century BCE 1, 2

Three of the several factors that aided to the growth of Christianity in the Roman Empire were: the central beliefs and value of Christianity, prominent figures, and Christianity appeal to women....