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Fact: Reading out loud will not teach a dyslexic child how to sound out unknown words. They will continue to try to memorize the shape of a word, and use picture clues or context clues to guess at the words.

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A child can be professionally diagnosed with dyslexia as early as 5½ years old.

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Attention Deficit Disorder is a completely separate condition than dyslexia. However, research has shown that at least 40% of people with dyslexia also have ADD/ADHD.

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Schools can implement academic modifications to help dyslexic students succeed. For example, a student with dyslexia can be given extra time to complete tasks, or help with taking notes, and/or appropriate work assignments. Teachers can give taped tests or allow dyslexic students to use alternative means of assessment. Students can benefit from listening to books-on-tape and from writing on computers.

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It resembles “an innate verbal blindness,” as Englishman therapist B. Pringle Morgan, who was among the first to describe the problem, put it in 1896 by. Dyslexia symptoms vary with the growth and development of the child. However, even at a young age in children from 3 to 5 years may show the signs that allow to suspect a problem. At the age of 6-11 years, they are much more noticeable, and since 12 years dyslexia manifests itself quite clearly.

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People with dyslexia can also have problems with spoken language. They may find it difficult to express themselves clearly, or to fully comprehend what others mean when they speak. Such language problems are often difficult to recognize, but they can lead to major problems in school, in the workplace, and in relating to other people. The effects of dyslexia reach well beyond the classroom.

A weakness in one or more of those auditory processing areas is a hallmark of dyslexia.

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Dyslexia and education is not an unsolvable problem. With adequate and competent help, dyslexic child cannot only learn to read, but to do well at school and have a successful professional career. Dyslexia is a problem in understanding and learning associated with disruption of the speech centers of the brain. Child with dyslexia is difficult to navigate in space and time, he can have trouble with mathematics and computing, and all this may be accompanied with motor clumsiness, difficulties when trying to run or jump. At the slightest suspicion dyslexia, a pediatrician should be consulted, because the sooner the problem is diagnosed, the easier it is to cope with it, but not through a drug therapy, but by a complex psycho-pedagogical measures. This is the opinion of experts in medicine and psychology, also involved in the solution of this complex problem.

I continued to research dyslexia. I also attended a workshop on IDEA offered by my state's .

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I host a daily radio show and a few months back decided it would be nice to do a show on dyslexia, and share how I learned to read and “grow out” of dyslexia. I found a professor from Yale (Sally Shaywitz) who began to describe my life. But she didn't use my name. She used the word dyslexic.

Q: How difficult was it for a kid with dyslexia to grow into a successful romance novelist?

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The impact that dyslexia has is different for each person and depends on the severity of the condition and the approaches of the remediation. The most common effects are problems with reading, spelling, and writing. Some dyslexics do not have much difficulty with early reading and spelling tasks but do experience great problems when more complex language skills are required, such as grammar, understanding textbook material, and writing essays.