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(Bullard 1) This speech, “How Race Affected the Federal Government’s Response to Katrina” uses Hurricane Katrina and several other disasters to highlight inequities toward the black communities at all phases of disaster response....

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Throughout the volume, authors analyze the role of government, decry the extent to which race and class shape daily life in the United States, and discuss the "man-made disaster" that followed the natural disaster of Hurricanes Katrina and Stan.

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"In the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina everything about the social, economic, and racial injustice of American society floated to the surface," writes Bettina Aptheker, UCSC professor of feminist studies and history. "Nothing could be hidden from news cameras on the scene; no sanitized 'spin' could be given to the unfolding catastrophe."

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Michael K. Brown, professor and chair of the Department of Politics at UCSC, says the generosity of ordinary Americans contrasts starkly with "the ineptitude of the government and its abandonment of the poor." But Hurricane Katrina exposed more, he writes: "It ripped open the gauzy facade of a smug, complacent society and revealed the degradation and poverty that are consequences of deeply embedded racial inequality. Will the memory of who the victims were, and why they were in such desperate straits to survive, help us to renew a commitment to social justice, or will we forget?"

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