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Grünbaum (1986) concurs with Eysenck that Freud's theory is falsifiable and therefore scientific, but he goes one step further and claims that Freud's theory of psychoanalysis has been proven wrong and is simply bad science. In order to evaluate the strengths of Freud's theory of psychoanalysis, one must consider a few of the qualities that make a theory of personality or behavior "great." Among the many qualities that people consider to be important are that the theory addresses its problem, can be applied in practical ways, fits with other theories, and withstands the test of time.

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The psychopathy checklist is a scale test used for youth ages thirteen to eighteen, it has the same factor structure as the adult PCL-R test from which it was created and focuses on interpersonal aspects of personality and chronic antisocial structure.

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Finally, I believe that psychoanalysis is a substantial theory of personality because it is directly responsible for the development of additional psychological theories and hypotheses that otherwise may have been missed. Psychoanalysis is widely disputed, but perhaps it is necessary to return to the founder of psychoanalysis himself.

The Millon Clinical Multiaxical Inventory (3rded: MCMI-III) is a widely used psychological assessment of clinical and personality disorders (Grove, W.

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Psychoanalysis enlightened health professionals about many aspects of the human mind and its inner workings, phenomena that had previously been inexplicable.

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Psychoanalysis, originally intended as a theory to explain therapeutic or psychological concepts, explains the nature of human development and all aspects of mental functioning.

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This particular test can result in sixteen different outcomes or types of personalities, which is determined by four different categories that judge if you are introverted or extroverted, use your senses or your intuition, your choice to think or use your feelings, and finally if you are judgmental or perceptive....

However, I believe that no critic can deny the fact that psychoanalysis is indeed a

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Finally, I evaluated whether or not I believe Freud's specific theory of psychoanalysis, not the practice of psychoanalysis in general, is indeed a valuable theory of human personality.Plaut also asserts that I failed to emphasize the right points.

In this article, Beystehner reviews various aspects of psychoanalysis, history of Freud, main ideas, and criticisms of psychoanalysis.

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Beystehner has done well in bringing these problems to light. Nevertheless, psychoanalysis is a very comprehensive theory that can be used to explain many aspects of human psychology.

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Biologically oriented approach, that emphasises nature and inheritability of personality (Eysenck 1956), and Psychodynamic oriented approach, which concentrates around the idea that environment influences our personality (Schuett and Dall 2013)....