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Prostate cancer is a kind of cancer that occurs in the prostate of a man. A prostate is a small gland that produces the seminal fluid that transports and nourishes sperm. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. In the initial stages, it remains confined to the prostate gland. However, many types of prostate cancer spread to other body parts if they are untreated.

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Benefits, Barriers, Sources of Influence, and Prostate Cancer Screening Among Rural Men.

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Torrey, E. F., & Stoiber, C. (2008). Surviving prostate cancer: What you need to know to make informed decisions. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

thank you Have Prostate cancer,I am on soladex,side effects are hot sweats.?

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Surgeries can also be used to treat prostate cancer. For instance, radical prostatectomy is used to remove the prostate gland, surrounding infected tissues and some lymph nodes. Cryosurgery is used to freeze tissue so that to kill the cancer cells. A high intensity ultrasound may also be used to heat prostate tissue, thereby killing the cancer cells. Chemotherapy, a common process in the treatment of all forms of cancers, can also be applied in the treatment of prostate cancer. It involves using drugs to kill rapidly growing cancerous cells.

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Hormone therapy is aimed at stopping the body from producing testosterone since prostate cancer cells depend on testosterone to grow. Therefore, cutting off the supply of this hormone will cause them to either die or grow very slowly. A number of medications can be used in hormone therapy. For example, there are drugs that stop the body from manufacturing testosterone (such as Vantas, Trelstar, Zoladex, Eligard, Lupron) and those that block testosterone from reaching cancerous cells (Casodex and Nilandron, along or before taking an LH-RH agonist). Another procedure is orchiectomy, which involves the removal of testicles. Hormone therapy is usually used in patients with advanced cancer so that to shrink the cancer or to slow down the growth of tumors. However, it can be used in early-stage cancer to shrink tumors before radiation therapy is carried out (Ellsworth, 2008).

Racial Differences in Medical Mistrust among Men Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

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Lack of Comprehension of Common Prostate Cancer Terms in an Underserved Population.

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Treatment and management of prostate cancer depends on a number of factors. This includes how fast the cancer is growing, its stage, the patient’s overall health and the potential side effects of the procedures. In very early stage prostate cancer, treatment might be unnecessary. While some men may never require treatment, it is recommended that patients go for regular checkups (active surveillance) to determine the progress of the cancer. Active surveillance is an option for cancers that are not causing any symptoms, are expected to grow very slowly or are confined in a small area of the gland. It is also an option for very old men or men suffering from another serious health conditions, where cancer treatment is always complicated. However, when the surveillance establishes that the cancer is growing, treatment will be necessary. Treatment can be in terms of therapy or surgery.

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