Our only chance for a successful society is to get rid of prejudices.

It is mainly about first impressions (the original title of the Book) yet in “To Kill a Mockingbird” the prejudice is more serious and is shown in a more sinister way, the theme of prejudice reaches a climax and end in shocking and drastic results....

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In actuality, it is possible to speak about the problem of unjust attitude to people who do not meet the established standards or norms, which actually define prejudices and biases of society. In this respect, “Philadelphia” raises an important problem of the impact of prejudices on the position of homosexuals in the modern society Basically, homosexuality became one of the major problem of the main character, which eventually leads him to the loss of his job. At the same time, it should be said that the main reason for the loss of his job was the fear of his colleagues and administration of the company of being contaminated by AIDS. On the other hand, it is important to underline that AIDS was rather the effect than the actual reason for the loss of the job of the main character, while his homosexuality was viewed by his environment as the primary cause of all his problems, related not only to his job, but also to his health.

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What a fine thing for our girls!” write an essay on the role played by money and social rank in chapters 1-20of pride and prejudice....
Some are under the impression that prejudice and hate are inevitable and therefore do not find the training necessary.

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In my essay I will discuss how Harper Lee explores the theme of prejudice by looking at the writing techniques and how they affect people.

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Perhaps the most challenging nationalism with which this may be difficult to reconcile is the case of the Balkans today, particularly the former Yugoslavia. Serb nationalism has infiltrated destruction in Bosnia and now in Kosovo (though Croat nationalism, Bosnian nationalism and Kosovar/Albanian nationalism has been just as potent at times). These nationalisms and their violent consequences are attributed to perennial conflicts in the region based on ethnic divisions. However, these conflicts were never perennial. Past prejudices were not motivated by ethnic or religious difference but were "largely a socio-political one, involving the exercise and abuse of local political power for the sake of political gain." Ethnic divisions did not become issues of tension and conflict until they were politicised and in the Balkans this did not occur until the nineteenth century. Therefore the nationalisms in the Balkans were not the consequence of perennial ethnic tensions. The conflict-ridden nature is attributed to the manipulation and exploitation of ethnic divisions and history and the creation of myths and cults for ideological purposes. Nationalism in this case is not the ideology itself but acts as a vehicle by which the ideology can survive. The nationalism then is a modern phenomenon in the Balkan region and without elements of the civic components of nationalism it would not survive nor would this nationalism have been so successful.