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The word "Concluding" has a two-fold meaning, since it refers both to the conclusion of the material first presented in Philosophical Fragments, and it was to be the conclusion of Kierkegaard's writing career, though in later years he would describe it as a turning point. As H. Hong points out, there is irony in calling this work a postscript to another work, when this is five times the size of the former. The term "unscientific" requires an explanation. Science refers to learning in general. Concerning existence itself, there can be no teacher except God. As a consequence, the work is not systematic. Kierkegaard's titles and chapter divisions in many of his works typify his idiosyncratic dialectic.

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Many laterGood Luck letters retained versions of this postscript, often simplyupdating the year.

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Mimical: Mime is the dramatic art of expressively imitating emotions and thoughts by actions and gestures, usually without words. Here "mimical" presumably can be interpreted as "poetically artistically elucidated" in such a way that the tone and form are appropriate to the content. It may also refer to a gathering of all the earlier "mimed" (pseudonymous) works as background material for this "concluding" work. Pathetical: ...the English "pathetic" is usually taken to mean "pitiful".... [but Kierkegaard means] "pathos-filled". Pathos marks the poet and his work, and in Postscript Kierkegaard is the poet's (Climacus's) poet. Dialectical: The dialectical marks the thinker. Climacus is a poetic philosopher.

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The Postscript consists of a bewildering complex of chapters and sections, divided quite unequally into two parts. Part One, comprising about 36 pages is entitled "The Objective Issue of the Truth of Christianity". Part Two is about 560 pages long. Chapter One of Part One is entitled "The Historical Point of View". Chapter Two is entitled "The Speculative Point of View". Thus, Kierkegaard first seeks to establish the nature of traditional inquiry, before offering his own view.

Sometimes the name appears as a terminal postscript, masquerading as the author of the letter.

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A mimeographed letter notes in a postscript that at the funeral of a friend who received 183 women, everyone remarked that "he had a smile on his face for the first time in years." This in turn was topped in byan account of the difficulties that three undertakers had in removing that smile.

Further,all these DL letters (except for a few deletions) bear the same threepart postscript, or an obvious derivation of it.

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It was repeated in a postscript in 1979 and this likely contributed significantly to the rapid predominance of the new variation that bore it, and to the demise of the prior variation.

The DL-1 postscript, , was a highly visible flag signaling that the letter was not a solicitation for money.

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With this light hearted conclusion, the combination FFT+GS (GS = Gene Sarazen) likely circulated as office humor.

Searchable newspaper archives reveal that the GS postscript was not an original idea.

However, the potency of the full postscript is itself challenged by the rapid increase of a variation that deleted the last two words (

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This may more than make up for the loss of "" Another reason for assessing T1 = B to be more effective than IWP is that, as noted above, it stayed on a widespread Internet version of the letter whereas all the postscripts were soon deleted without consequence.