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One can also explain the existence of the city-state in terms of thefour causes. It is a kind of community (koinônia), thatis, a collection of parts having some functions and interests incommon (Pol. II.1.1261a18, III.1.1275b20). Hence, it is madeup of parts, which Aristotle describes in various ways in differentcontexts: as households, or economic classes (e.g., the rich and thepoor), or demes (i.e., local political units). But, ultimately, thecity-state is composed of individual citizens (seeIII.1.1274a38–41), who, along with natural resources, are the“material” or “equipment” out of which thecity-state is fashioned (see VII.14.1325b38-41).

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The distinction between correct and deviant constitutions is combinedwith the observation that the government may consist of one person, afew, or a multitude. Hence, there are six possible constitutionalforms (Politics III.7):

for politics is the art and science of government.

[I]f there were no market for a product, and all of its exchanges were internal, there would be no way for a firm or for anyone else to determine a price for the good. A firm can estimate an implicit price when an external market exists; but when a market is absent, the good can have no price, whether implicit or explicit. Any figure could be only an arbitrary symbol. Not being able to calculate a price, the firm could not rationally allocate factors and resources from one stage to another. ... It is obvious that this economic law . Because of this law, firms cannot merge or cartelize for complete vertical integration of stages or products. Because of this law, there can never be One Big Cartel over the whole economy or mergers until One Big Firm owns all the productive assets in the economy. The force of this law multiplies as the area of the economy increases and as islands of noncalculable chaos swell to the proportions of masses and continents. As the area of incalculability increases, the degrees of irrationality, misallocation, loss, impoverishment, etc., become greater. Under owner or cartel for the whole productive system, there would be no possible areas of calculation at all, and therefore complete economic chaos would prevail.

The aim of this essay is to discuss “Can the study of politics be scientific or ..
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Inventions and new technology make the further development possible.

Aristotle states that “the politician and lawgiver is whollyoccupied with the city-state, and the constitution is a certain way oforganizing those who inhabit the city-state” (III.1.1274b36-8).His general theory of constitutions is set forth in PoliticsIII. He begins with a definition of the citizen(politês), since the city-state is by nature acollective entity, a multitude of citizens. Citizens are distinguishedfrom other inhabitants, such as resident aliens and slaves; and evenchildren and seniors are not unqualified citizens (nor are mostordinary workers). After further analysis he defines the citizen as aperson who has the right (exousia) to participate indeliberative or judicial office (1275b18–21). In Athens, forexample, citizens had the right to attend the assembly, the council,and other bodies, or to sit on juries. The Athenian system differedfrom a modern representative democracy in that the citizens were moredirectly involved in governing. Although full citizenship tended to berestricted in the Greek city-states (with women, slaves, foreigners,and some others excluded), the citizens were more deeply enfranchisedthan in modern representative democracies because they were moredirectly involved in governing. This is reflected in Aristotle'sdefinition of the citizen (without qualification). Further, he definesthe city-state (in the unqualified sense) as a multitude of suchcitizens which is adequate for a self-sufficient life (1275b20-21).

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Aristotle defines the constitution (politeia) as a way oforganizing the offices of the city-state, particularly the sovereignoffice (III.6.1278b8–10; cf. IV.1.1289a15–18). Theconstitution thus defines the governing body, which takes differentforms: for example, in a democracy it is the people, and in anoligarchy it is a select few (the wealthy or well born). Beforeattempting to distinguish and evaluate various constitutions Aristotleconsiders two questions. First, why does a city-state come into being?He recalls the thesis, defended in Politics I.2, that humanbeings are by nature political animals, who naturally want to livetogether. For a further discussion of this topic, see the followingsupplementary document:

A strong relationship between the arts and politics, particularly between various kinds of art and power, [citation needed] occurs across historical epochs and cultures.

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