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There are three ways under canon law by which a priest can be dismissed: 1) by a canonical court, with the priest having the right of appeal to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), which is the Vatican department in charge of child sexual abuse allegations against clergy; 2) a bishop can ask the CDF to dismiss a priest directly; 3) the CDF can refer the matter to the pope with a request that he dismiss the priest.

Each agency also agreed to pay $2,500 in legal costs.

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On the pope’s trip, controversy centered around Francis’s response to the clerical sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, and specifically, his handling of the case of a bishop in Chile who’s been accused by victims of that country’s most notorious pedophile priest of knowing about their abuse and covering it up.

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In a nutshell, Francis apologized to victims for the enormous wrongs they’ve suffered, and also reiterated his commitment to a “zero tolerance” policy. He met privately with victims, in order to hear their stories and to share their pain.

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One of the women is seen arguing while elders speak to her.

In an interview with the US network CNN of Chile, the journalist said, later, that in the Vatican "they are cowards, they say this for the headlines, but when we ask them to come together and tell them our story, nothing happens. He keeps the version of people like Ricardo Ezzati (metropolitan archbishop of Santiago) or Francisco Javier Errazuriz (cardinal, archbishop emeritus of Santiago) ".

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Karadima is a priest accused of numerous crimes linked to pedophilia and illicit enrichment. He was not, however, prosecuted for justice because his crimes were prescribed. In addition, the Church as the only punishment ordered him to seclude and pray and prevented him from continuing to officiate mass. But, later, images appeared where the priest showed himself presiding over these ceremonies.

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Barros reacted by assuring that "many lies have been said" and that he has never witnessed abuse. Cruz returned there to the charge, in statements to Tele13 Radio: "Tell me in my face, he was present, and sorry if I'm raw, when Karadima touched my genitals, when he made me kiss him and did that with others. And Juan was standing there, when he also hugged and kissed with Karadima and we saw several, "he shot.]

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Both men were included on a list released by Archbishop John C. Wester of clergy who have been credibly accused of child sexual abuse. Griego, who was removed from the priesthood in 2005, still lives in northern New Mexico. He could not be reached for comment.

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Speaking with journalists on his flight to Rome from Lima, Peru, Jan. 21, the pope said he only realized later that his words erroneously implied that victims' accusations are credible only with concrete proof.

Elite conservatives are all arguing for torture, and the rank-and-file may be following along.

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"The only thing they have done is slapping us. When we accused of being abused by the monster, he took our hands," Cruz concluded, referring to Karadima and the curia.