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In his compact essay, not only does he display an in-depth understanding of complex perspectives on justice put forth by the protagonist Socrates, he deftly explains how Plato has artfully made rude objections by a seemingly minor character early in the dialogue function as a structuring device for nearly all the important ideas examined thereafter....

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In this paper, I will look into the Republic, one of the books of Plato that resides heavily on defining an answer to the meaning of Justice, and try to find an absolute definition....

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The Republic, written around 375 B.C., isn't just Plato's treatise on the ideal state, nor is it just a state-of-mind journey from ignorance to enlightenment.

The relationship between inner justice and ordinary justice is of no importance in Plato's Republic.

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To consider all of these arguments and how they are presented would take many theses and, although relevant to this essay topic, I must move on to Platos own decisions of what justice is and their implementation in his polis due to space and time constraints.

Therefore, he claims that justice is “stronger, freer, and more masterly than justice” (Plato, Republic 344c).

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Plato’s the Republic also explains that justice is worthwhile for its own sake, in combination with the pleasure and rewards that are accompanied with it.

For Plato, the goal of his Republic is to discover what justice is and to demonstrate that it is better than injustice.

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In Plato?s The Republic, he unravels the definition of justice. Plato believed that a ruler could not be wholly just unless one was in a society that was also just....

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In his work The Republic, Plato spends a great deal of time outlining his vision of a society in which man's arrogant and competitive nature is unable to root itself into the government of the city, thus creating a completely just and good society.