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It does include generic tips designed to help consumers identify and avoid genetically modified (GM) foods, including the hidden GM ingredients (labeled ingredients on foods that read more like a chemical periodic table) on grocers shelves.
Please go to this URL to access the Non-GMO Shopping Tips PDF
(syn: non-GMO Shopper's Guide)

This Non-GMO Shopping Guide will help you identify and avoid foods with GMOs.

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In the name of "evidence-based science," we are all being killed by GMOs, vaccine additives, processed food chemicals and other threats to life on Earth.

I'm not an opponent of genuine, humble science and the search for answers in our universe, but what we're seeing today is the mass poisoning of us all under the false label of "science."
-- Mike Adams

In a special 10-part article series, I take a look at the top 10 "scientific" threats to our lives:

#1) GMOs

#2) Vaccines

#3) Fluoride

#4) Pharmaceuticals

#5) Food additives

#6) Pesticides

#7) Chemotherapy

#8) Plastics

#9) Cosmetics

#10) Radiation

Trader Joe's eliminated GMOs from its private-label products back in 2001 - what's taking Whole Foods so long?
(NaturalNews) In the wake of the recent announcement by Whole Foods Market that the retailer will require the labeling of all foods containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in its stores by 2018, many in the natural health community are now wondering...


What are GMOs?

Genetic Modification is a technique that changes the genetic makeup of cells, including alteration of genetic materials and other biologically important chemicals, and allows genes to move across species.

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Eat your greens!

Fight cancer with organic green shakes every day
So many people make good health a complicated matter by polluting their bodies with processed foods, irradiated foods, genetically modified foods, gluten, bleached foods, hormone-laden meats and milk, and a host of other toxic products that...

How avoiding conventional dentistry can literally save your life
If you see a dentist, make sure she's a holistic dentist.

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The primary areas of debate are the labling of GM (genetically modified) foods, the extent of government regulation in the process, concerns about the consequences of genetic modification, and the overall health and saf...

Afternoon Tea is arguably the best contribution the British have made to cuisine

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How to Avoid Genetically Modified Food [GMOs]

The Threats From Genetically Modified Foods [GMOs]

As GMOs have come to dominate major agribusiness sectors, a handful of chemical/biotech companies now control not only genetically modified seeds but virtually our entire seed supply (see the Seed Industry Structure chart)


Genetic Roulette (important film)

Foods that are likely to be GMO:

Cottonseed (for oil)
Canola (for oil)
Sugar beets (for sugar)
Papaya (Hawaiian and Chinese)
Yellow Crookneck Squash
Alfalfa (for hay)

These are in most processed foods.

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Non-GMO Shopping Guide

(syn: non-GMO Shopper's Guide)

Excerpts of the Non-GMO Shopping Guide are also found in IRT's new two sided "Tips" brochure, which does not contain a listing of non-GMO brands.

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