Kenna O'Rourke lives in the attic.

Once in every five or six years, I come across a program of its time. Never before have we all been under so much pressure at work. Expectations of our shareholders, our managers and our teams have never been greater and many of us are feeling high levels of mental and physical stress. Happy Body […]

Gabe's favorite drink is root beer.

Zubaida is a sophomore in the College. She loves Edward Said (pronounced SA-EED)

catbug Catbug CAtbug CATbug CATBug CATBUg CATBUG

Might be a sophomore. Might be wearing a tiny hat. Might be quoting / singing something from a musical. Might be rehearsing / quoting Shakespeare. Might be making really obscure references. Also, might not exist.

Lisa has fallen down zero flights of stairs this year.

Meerie is in the College studying History. She's from a lot of placesbut has not looked back since discovering the pure joy of onlineshopping in the United States of America. She is probably just jokingabout being a communist.

Alyson is a speck of dust among a lot of other specks of dust, but a very cute one at that.

Augustine, An Expansion to Integral Ethics, December 2009

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Transpartisan : And the Winner is?

Faith Padgett was born and raised in the suburbs of Texas and iscurrently a Creative Writing concentrator and an Urban Ed. minor. Herpoems have appeared in and several anthologies; hercreative nonfiction is in the last . She has previouslyworked with the and . Faith can be found sippingtea with a book or walking through the prairie with one of her fiveadopted mutts (three chihuahua mixes and two large shepherd misfits)when not writing. She has an unrivaled interest in ferality andwitchcraft, her favorite color is mauve, and she strives to be nominatedthe unofficial tastythings maker of KWH (let me bake for you...).

Blue Nation : Healing Our National Schizophrenia , December 2000

Eva Maria Lewis is an activist, advocate, and artist from the Southside of Chicago, currently studying God knows what at the University of Pennsylvania's College of Arts and Sciences. She has seen every single episode of Supernatural.

James Fisher is in his third year at Penn. He enjoys performance poetryand making people laugh.

Huntington's The Clash of Civilizations (September 2001)

Maya Arthur is a senior. She is not allergic to cats anymore (or maybenever was). She is in a dedicated default friendship with KennaO'Rourke. Be very wary of her.

Wimberger, Is Xi Jinping The Captain Planet, The World Has Been Waiting For? , October 2017

Ashok, Ken Wilber: Messenger of the Kosmos , February 2001

So, that — you never get in a state of boredom. It’s more a constant scramble to try and keep up with the demands of all of the mission controls around the world. But there is straight physical separation, and there’s a sense of isolation, naturally. And so that requires building your crew as a sense of family, but also a change of how you communicate with your own family, like our soldiers that are overseas, like all of the people that serve a long time away from home.

Wimberger, The Anatomy of Postmodern Democratic Destructiveness, October 2017

Astin, Reply to Frank Visser, January 2011

Shayna is a junior who rarely knows what’s going on and is way too calm about it. She hails from northern Jersey and plans to major in Political Science. Her pastimes include watching obscure foreign films, having existential crises, dancing at inappropriate times, and baking cookies. Talk to her about feminism or Mediterranean food.