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Now many years later and based on my own personal experiences as well as that of many clients who have undertaken a past life session/experience my views and opinions have changed completely.

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Our mind can either be our friend or our enemy. There is a saying: �A person who can master his mind, can conquer the world!� Our mind is the source of all of our miseries, and this has been taught by all of the enlightened people and prophets all throughout the history of this world. All of our desires, fantasies, habitual behaviors come from our mind and for the most part are never real. They are just phantoms brought onto us by society, parents, friends, and our past lives. Almost never we think, or act based on our real desires, because they almost never get through the clutter of trash stored in our mind. And since our mind controls us – we have no power to be ourselves. Thanks to breath and physical exercises and most importantly meditations in Kundalini Yoga – we begin to practice the virtue of mind control and mind control brings the most important thing – will power. Not only we start to notice our real selves, but we start to develop the power to say no. And when we can say no – we become free of so many of life’s burdens.

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Another feature which suggests that NDEs are not perceptions of an external afterlife reality is the random nature of the life review. The glamorized picture provided by Moody's artificial composite NDE portrays the life review as a personally significant 'learning experience' where one is either judged by other beings or by oneself for past wrongdoings. While this characterization does fit some cases—and indeed is found even in people who face life-threatening danger but never really come close to death (e.g., see Blackmore 183)—the frequency of 'learning experience' type life reviews appears to have been exaggerated by some near-death researchers. At least one researcher sympathetic to the survival hypothesis has found that most near-death life reviews do fit this pattern.

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Our lives are filled with so many different stresses and distractions. It can be challenging to maintain our spiritual focus and stay connected to our purpose, mission or deepest calling. When life and people challenge us, our past experiences, traditions or thoughts can often be insufficient in helping us interpret or even resolve what is happening.

There seems to be allot of talk about past life regression through the use of hypnotherapy, were a person is put under hypnosis and regressed to a …

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Some people might object that all information coming from the spiritual world is somehow dated, closely reflecting the beliefs and culture of the person channelling the information at the time. This argument is often used to dismiss the entire subject as a pure invention of the psychic’s mind. I believe that the truth is quite different. We are here on earth to pass tests. The spirit world can give us help but we must not fool ourselves: no-one will ever pass us the exam papers with the right answers already written on them. If they did, it would be useless for us to incarnate.
The Otherworld is a very complex reality, much more complex than our physical minds can ever hope to grasp. When we contact spiritual beings they may give us hints, but they are always very careful to keep them within the boundaries of our beliefs and cultural limits. They can nudge us towards the right doors, but they will never open them for us. It’s our task to open them and go beyond, no-one else can do it for us. This is why the messages humans have received through the centuries seem to progress at our own pace, even if (often) slightly ahead of us.
Life between life investigations lack perhaps the charm and local colour (and strong emotions) that past life recollections normally have, but they are far more important and meaningful, especially for those on a spiritual path.
We also need to keep in mind that because of a lack of terms of comparison, these explorations are, by definition, symbolic, and this needs to be taken into account when interpreting them.
Through these investigations we can really gain a deeper understanding of our purpose on this earth, and the experience can be so overwhelming that it might really bring permanent changes for the better to our everyday life and speed up our evolution.
People who fear death will also find this type of investigation most fulfilling and find themselves able to radically change their attitude towards physical death. Interlife explorations will throw a completely new light on it, showing it to be a simple ritual of passage.
You might not be able to explore the interlife at the first attempt but it is certainly a goal worth aiming for.