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While there are a lot of issues to consider when planning and leading a discussion, the time you spend up-front thinking through the cognitive, social/emotional, and physical aspects of discussion will pay off later in more lively, productive, and rewarding discussions as well as greater student learning.

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3. Facilitate a panel discussion with community leaders and subject matter experts.

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Researchers of effective reading instruction assert the opposite, saying that “an artificial, simplistic dichotomy” has no reality in the discussion of phonics and whole language (Dahl & Scharer, 2000,...

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Conflict Prevention: In discussing operations, many participants recommended that greater efforts be placed on conflict prevention and better understanding conflict using a GBA+ approach. It was mentioned that enabling and undertaking greater conflict prevention efforts requires clearly defining what the notion of conflict prevention means to the government. Most participants supported a whole- of-government approach and broad participation from a range of actors across society in conflict prevention. Humanitarian assistance was noted as a means to contribute to conflict prevention by reducing vulnerability, but some expressed hesitance at having the military involved in humanitarian assistance efforts. It was also noted that conflict prevention and better understanding conflict would help avoid fuelling the next problem and creating unintended consequences when intervening, by not fully understanding certain segments of the population and their grievances. One participant suggested putting further scrutiny into those the military works with and recommended seeking opportunities to build indigenous authority that can be supported by local populations over the long term rather than working with the most convenient or powerful actor who may not represent the interests of local populations.

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A panel discussion was held on the politics of language and culture. The panelists discussed topics including the viability of a concept of “Standard English” in a…

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A panel discussion was held on the politics of language and culture. The panelists discussed topics including the viability of a concept of “Standard English” in a country with many regional dialects and accents, why nonstandard language such as “Black English” should be deemed inferior, the multitude of languages used in the world, changes of language, and the problems of transferring between languages. began the panel, which was later moderated by . The panelists responded to questions from members of the audience.

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Employer of Choice: Much discussion focused on the need for the DND/CAF to be an employer of choice to attract, support and retain the best talent. At its core, participants noted that this involved instilling an ethos of respect across the organization, ensuring that everyone feels safe and supported regardless of who they are. This must be consistently supported, enforced monitored and assessed by leadership. One participant offered that incentivizing and rewarding certain skillsets that support gender and equality in leaders could be a practical way to achieve this outcome. A handful of participants repeatedly noted that effective mechanisms to report and address misconduct and strict accountability are critical.

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Failing to probe or explore the implications of answers: One mistake instructors can make in leading a discussion is not to follow up sufficiently on student contributions. It is important not only to get students talking, but to probe them about their reasoning, ask for evidence, explore the implications of what they say, etc. Follow-up questions push students to think more deeply, to substantiate their claims, and consider the practical impact of particular perspectives.

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Many issues can affect students’ willingness to participate in discussions, from cultural background (Are discussion classes new and unfamiliar to them?) to preparedness (Have they done the background work – reading, for example – to prepare for the discussion?) to the kinds of questions asked (Are the questions too difficult or, alternatively, are the answers too obvious?). Below are some strategies that can help encourage meaningful student participation.