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In the country of Catholic Latin America, where the Church has lost much of its credibility in the face of public opinion and where protests are rife, Francis chooses to begin by asking forgiveness. In the face of the scandal caused by the case of Father Fernando Karadima, a charismatic and influential priest found guilty by the Holy See of child abuse in 2011, and other cases in Chile, Pope Bergoglio states that he feels “pain and shame at the irreparable damage caused to children by some ministers of the Church”. According to BishopAccountability. org, about 80 Catholic priests have been accused of child abuse since 2000.

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CHILD SEX ABUSE: A proposal to loosen the statute of limitations for child molestation has failed repeatedly in Albany but supporters are hoping national attention on sexual misconduct gives their cause fresh momentum. The bill would give victims more time to file civil lawsuits or seek criminal charges against abusers and create a one-year window for past victims to file civil suits. Victims now have until they turn 23 to sue.

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Governments and community organisations are now focussing on early intervention programs as the most effective way of addressing child abuse and neglect. Extensive international research shows that getting in early to support vulnerable families during the critical first three years of a child’s life is the key to developing child and family resilience. This same research also shows that it is cost-effective – for the child, family and community.

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