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Strong emphasis should therefore be on the acquisition of proper knowledge and skills so that nurses do posses the autonomy to interact with patients regarding ethical issues involved in health care affairs and address them efficiently....

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One way to monitor the team’s success is to employ a team assessment questionnaire....

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I have a Bachelor degree in general nursing in Ethiopia. I have a great desire and plan to bring a radical change in nursing profession which is always here and there for clients safety and satisfaction.

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i want to join a nursing scholarship helping and granting me of its full free tuition fee provided that i must provide/pass the necessary requirements. I can ASSURE better grades in return.
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Sociological knowledge plays a dynamic and elementary role within nursing profession....

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I feel that the pre-assessment form used within the unit to be far to fundamental, If elements of the roper et al activities of daily living were to be incorporated this would help in achieving a much more in-depth holistic nursing assessment enabling for the best quality and level of care to be given to all patients arriving in the unit.

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Whilst I feel a full nursing assessment not to be fully necessary for a day case unit, as previously stated I feel that the communication element to be an excellent way of ensuring a better holistic approach is achieved, it will also help to achieve better documentation and communication between all staff members.

Include how much autonomy a nurse should have to apply personal wisdom to the process.

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Some associations are based on educational achievement. Sigma Theta Tau International is an honor society that rewards high grades. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing connects professionals in higher education. The National Student Nurses Association draws together pre-service nurses from across the country.

Similar to many traditionally female professions, the percentage of male in nursing is small.

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My name is Matsie from South Africa and I have done my first year in nursing and I am looking for a leadership or a scholarship , because I am not able to further my studies because my parents are financially disadvantaged and I think would be a blessing to me if I get a scholarship or a learnership. If there is someone with some information about those please help. I would like to get it abroad the country expecially United state of America , that’s where my passion is. I really love nursing , because helping the helpless and the needy to me it’s a very big blessing and I believe that when am helping the helpless patients am saving their life and giving them courage and reassuring them . nursing is my passion is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

As of today the nursing profession is changing and becoming larger and greater.

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Nursing is a health care profession which concentrates in supporting individuals, their families, and societies as a whole in preserving, attaining and improving best possible health and functioning (Kozier, et al., 2010 pp.