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I adore my home, which is the favorite house I’ve ever lived in, and am so thankful and appreciative for my ocean view and peaceful backyard. But my dream showed me that I can remain happy and peaceful even if I lose it.

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What a fun and pertinent reminder to get clear on what really matters. Interestingly, I’m currently in a search for a home buy. Not my dream home, but a place where I can be happy for a while. Although everyone else is looking at the inside, I’m focused on what I can do with the outside (land). Granted, the trimmings are materialistic items that are potentially gone in an instant. Still, I think it’s important to consider how where ever you are impacts your quality of life during your stay.

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The next reason why my American Dream is a dream career is it will help me be responsible

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If I could build my dream house it would be amazing.I would like it to be on the Hawaiian island ..

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My house that I designed is all I imagined and more. It is a four story

dream on a huge fifteen acre lot. As I approach the stairs at the entrance to

the house I am surrounded by four columns leading to the most elegant doors I

have ever seen. They are made of mahogany and have a window in

the center. The handles and the frame is made of brass. As I continue around

the house I come across three windows overlooking the entrance to the house.

My Ultimate Dream As a child I have always had many dreams and goals in my life

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