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Multiple choice items are a common way to measure student understanding and recall. Wisely constructed and utilized, multiple choice questions will makestronger and more accurate assessments.

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Multiple choice items consist of a question or incomplete statement (called a stem) followed by 3 to 5 response options. The correct response is calledthe key while the incorrect response options are called distractors.

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Multiple choice quizzes are all about laziness, anyway. They are not a good way to measure learning. If there are four options, students who don't know the answers will be right 25% of the time. The primary advantage of this type of test is that teachers can grade them easily. Multiple choice questions are helpful for national assessments administered for research purposes, but they're inappropriate for use by teachers who are actually trying to educate. Any time you need to complete a multiple choice assessment, use these strategies to improve your outcome.

Following these tips will help you develop high quality multiple choice questionsfor your assessments.

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The following are from No Bull Review's Multiple Choice Collection. They cover major World History themes in the course. Best of luck on your tests!

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The following are from No Bull Review's Multiple Choice Collection. They cover major US History themes in the course. Best of luck on your tests!

Want to know what makes me mad? Educators make mistakes while writing multiple choice questions, and students suffer the consequences.


I hope you have good teachers who don't resort to multiple choice questions, but these strategies will serve you well if you need them. Seriously, what is the reason for letting students select one of four answers instead of simply asking them to write the answer? If they know the answer, they should be able to write it. Multiple choice questions fill the mind with wrong ideas by showing lots of incorrect answers right next to the correct answer. This clutters our minds with useless data. And a student who didn't study for the quiz will be exposed to a lot of wrong answers and gain useless, inaccurate ideas that get in the way of real learning. Making the best of a bad situation, you can think of it like a game and use your intuition to get the best possible outcome.

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The same techniques will work equally well for both, since multiple-choice questions are basically true/false questions arranged in groups.Penn State Learning is committed to making its websites accessible to all users, and welcomes comments or suggestions on access improvements.

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Let's begin by thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of using multiple-choicequestions. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of using multiple choicequestions will help you decide when to use them in your assessments.