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It's not really much of a stretch for Anthon to say that he couldn't read a sealed book in response to Martin saying that he had a sealed book. What would you say if someone asked you to look at a sealed book? Also of what real relevance is the sealed portion anyway? The entire Book of Mormon came from the unsealed portion of the plates, as well as the characters that were copied, so why even bother mentioning a sealed portion? The sealed portion has virtually no relevance in the LDS Church. The temple ordinances and every other important revelation needed by God's children to return the heaven has been revealed already so what necessary, additional scripture could there really be? The sealed portion would likely be more history, and much like the published Book of Mormon, have very little doctrine.

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By 1900 it was impossible to consider the doctrines of God and man without dealing with evolution. Darwin's Origin of Species had been in print for four decades, and scientific advances together with changing attitudes had introduced many secular-rational ideas. James E. Talmage and John A. Widtsoe had confronted these ideas as they studied at universities in the United States and abroad. As early as 1881 Talmage had resolved to "do good among the young," possibly by lecturing on the "harmony between geology and the Bible." In 1898 Talmage urged George Q. Cannon to have the General Authorities give, careful, and perhaps official consideration to the scientific questions on which there is at least a strong appearance of antagonism with religious creeds." Cannon agreed, and Talmage recorded a number of interviews with the First Presidency on the subject. In a February 1900 article Talmage argued that had to be reconciled since "faith is not blind submission, passive obedience, with no effort at thought or reason. Faith, if worthy of its name, rests upon truth; and truth is the foundation of science."

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The newer and older doctrines thus coexisted, and all competed with novel positions spelled out by various Church leaders. The Lectures on Faith continued to appear as part of the Doctrine and Covenants in a section entitled "Doctrine and Covenants," as distinguished from the "Covenants and Commandments" which constitute the current Doctrine and Covenants. The Pearl of Great Price containing the Book of Abraham was published in England in 1851 as a missionary tract and was accepted as authoritative in 1880. The earliest versions of Parley P. Pratt's Key to the Science of Theology and Brigham H. Roberts's The Gospel both emphasized an omnipresent, nonpersonal Holy Ghost, though Pratt's emphasis was radically materialistic and Roberts's more allegorical. Both were elaborating ideas addressed in the King Follett sermon. Such fluidity of doctrine, unusual from a twentieth-century perspective, characterized the nineteenth-century Church.

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When the Monroe Doctrine was first introduced it seemed just as a warning to Europe not to interfere with the revolutions of Latin America, almost a gesture of solidarity and sympathy to the newly independent nations, but it was evident of American selfishness.

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However, aside from the almost comedic nature of this folklore, there is an incredibly disturbing undercurrent of blatant racial intolerance stemming from this doctrine and those who promulgate it: It is the horribly offensive notion that skin color is somehow in indicator of personal righteousness (i.e. goodness and worthiness) and that God arbitrarily 'curses' certain of his children with variation to 'mark' them so as to not contaminate the 'master race'. It would seem that the Mormon God is incredibly bigoted and contradictive if this were his position. In fact, this position runs directly counter to the 2nd Article of Faith of Mormonism which states:

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Perhaps the main barrier to understanding the development of Mormon theology is an underlying assumption by most Church members that there is a cumulative unity of doctrine. Mormons seem to believe that particular doctrines develop consistently, that ideas build on each other in hierarchical fashion. As a result, older revelations are interpreted by referring to current doctrinal positions. Thus, most members would suppose that a scripture or statement at any point in time has resulted from such orderly change. While this type of exegesis or interpretation may produce systematic theology and while it may satisfy those trying to understand and internalize current doctrine, it is bad history since it leaves an unwarranted impression of continuity and consistency.