You've heard it said that money is the root of all evil, right?

Anecdote: a particular discussion thread on an open source project between a friend of mine and the project leader ended with a denial of service attack on my friend's site when the project leader lost his temper and made some suggestive comments on a mailing list. It may not have been intentional, but the results were the same.

Turn with me to one of the most misquoted verses inthe Bible.


I will read it to you from the Amplifying Bible, Tim.

That rather depends how reliable my computer is at the moment. For many readers of this blog (and Wired), sure, we don't want people messing with our silicon unless we know about it and approve. But most users already lack control of "what it does, and how the various software components interact" - they quite rightly choose not to spend months learning how to do that.

Some essays published earlier as pamphlets

Unluckily Gig dies on a plane trip (or fly back to home in his flying saucer) together with the source code of the Virus, meanwhile the Virus continue spreading decoding everything and mails arrives to a lot of people, that cannot resist opening them because they contains very useful information (like the real story behind the death of public figures, the coca cola recipe, real nude picture of Taylor Swift and the final chapter of the Games of Thrones books), spreading the Virus more and more.

Frederick Engels, Ernest Untermann, eds.

She was certainly a blessed woman without any wealth at all.

The magnanimous ruler may forgive debts and crimes, as a display of mercy and power, without repentance -- he may not care about the damage or injustice such forgiveness may have on small scales.

If only we had a planet full of Mother Teresa's.

She race to her friend's house, but she is too late. The friend has disappeared. Mary can only reveal what she has found to the FBI. They stop the cryptothief, but the friend is not found. The good agent can only say sadly to the camera: «when the people will understand that we can't protect them if we don't know what they are doing?».

in the Sumerian city-state of Lagash.

Her best friend is distracted and distraught lately, she is failing at school and always fearful. After a tense moment she reveal to Mary that she has been hit by the crypto-thief, who is forcing here to do unmentionable things[2].
Mary is so worried than one day breaks her usb key and discover that there are Chinese characters inside[3]. She now understand that the guy that sell the crypto usb-keys and the crypto-thief are the same person. What a shocking discovery!

A clear distinction must be madebetween THE LOVE of money and money itself.

Kahane, trans.Foreword by Friedrich A.

IPECAC, short for 'In the Plain Encryption Cifer Abetting Collusion,' uses unusual wordings and phrasings in otherwise unencrypted email and text to convey clandestine information. "Our entire effort was directed toward standard, properly encrypted terrorist communications," explains Will Wormwood, NSA spokesman, "The Granny emails fell completely off our radar. That's why their coordinated street corner sit-ins were so successful."

He has helped us to identify that moneylove (worship) is the root of all kindsof evil.

The world is full of rich menand women who are lost spiritually.

2. The most well-known case that was brought before the United States courts is that of Ingraham v. Wright. Briefly, the facts of the case are that on 6 October 1970 a group of pupils at Drew Junior High School in Florida were slow in leaving the stage of the school auditorium when a teacher asked them to do so. The principal, Willie Wright, Jr., took the pupils to his office to be paddled. One pupil, 14-year-old James Ingraham, refused to accept the punishment. An assistant principal and an assistant to the principal held Ingraham prone across a table while Wright hit the child over twenty times with a paddle. The beating caused a hematoma, from which fluid later oozed. A doctor had to prescribe painkillers, laxatives, sleeping pills and ice packs. The child had to rest at home for over ten days and could not sit comfortably for three weeks. There are numerous other instances of corporal punishment in American schools that are less well known but no less serious.

Batson, trans.Foreword by Murray Rothbard and Introduction by Lionel Robbins not available online.

I want an essay about India today.

The NSA is furious at Apple, because the iPhone security scheme makes it NSA-proof : they can't design a scalable solution to overcome its encryption and (unlike the CIA) they don't like to have to resort to techniques involving social engineering or waterboarding.