Is marriage an out-dated institution?

Although not exclusively dedicated to the Spanish Inquisition, the best overall introduction to the institution—its history, procedures, and mythology—remains Edward Peters’s (). There are many introductory works to the Spanish Inquisition for those seeking a general overview. provides a balanced, up-to-date summary. incorporates the new social history research, whereas controversially downplays the overall importance of the tribunals on Spanish life. relies on outdated and exclusively Spanish and French sources. Less well known but representative of Spanish scholarship are and . The Italian historian Stafania Pastore () looks at Spanish opinion of the Inquisition during its first one hundred years.

No marriage is not an out-dated institution.

Marriage is an arcane repressive social institution designed to curb individual freedom.

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Marriage is becoming outdated because not everybody in society is allowed to access it
I am very sad to see so many anti-marriage comments and so much negativity regarding the whole subject.

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Most of those who consider marriage to be an outdated institution ground this opinion on the idea that marriage is essentially an encroachment of tradition and religion on personal liberty.

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Marriage is an outdated institution.

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Marriage is not old fashioned and outdated institution …

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