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In the past 10 years, some interesting new defences of nihilism havearisen that merit careful consideration. According to one rationale,for our lives to matter, we must in a position to add value to theworld, which we are not since the value of the world is alreadyinfinite (Smith 2003). The key premises for this view are that everybit of space-time (or at least the stars in the physical universe)have some positive value, that these values can be added up, and thatspace is infinite. If the physical world at present contains aninfinite degree of value, nothing we do can make a difference in termsof meaning, for infinity plus any amount of value must beinfinity.

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One person can make a difference in someone else's life.

Realise that you do not have to do something earthshattering to make a difference. It's the little things that often havethe greatest impact. A smile, a friendly word, a compliment, a helpinghand, a sympathetic ear, these are the things that you can do every dayand the only cost is that you put your ego in your pocket for a whileand you give your attention to the other person's feelings.

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~Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

The purpose of life is not to be happy — but to , to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all.

In the essay, she says that individuals that are witnesses to crimes can make a difference and explains how to make a change.

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Work has been done to try to make the inferences of these twoarguments stronger, and the basic strategy has been to appeal to thevalue of perfection (Metz 2013, ch. 7). Perhaps the Tolstoian reasonwhy one must live forever in order to make the relevant permanentdifference is an agent-relative need for one to honor an infinitevalue, something qualitatively higher than the worth of, say,pleasure. And maybe the reason why immortality is required in order tomete out just deserts is that rewarding the virtuous requiressatisfying their highest free and informed desires, one of which wouldbe for eternal flourishing of some kind (Goetz 2012). While far fromobviously sound, these arguments at least provide some reason forthinking that immortality is necessary to satisfy the major premiseabout what is required for meaning.

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So far, I have addressed theoretical accounts that have been naturallyunderstood to be about what confers meaning on life, which obviouslyassumes that some lives are in fact meaningful. However, there arenihilistic perspectives that question this assumption. According tonihilism (or pessimism), what would make a life meaningful eithercannot obtain or as a matter of fact simply never does.

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John Locke (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Supernaturalist thinkers in the monotheistic tradition are usefully divided into those with God-centered views and soul-centered views. The former take some kind of connection with God (understood to be a spiritual person who is all-knowing, all-good, and all-powerful and who is the ground of the physical universe) to constitute meaning in life, even if one lacks a soul (construed as an immortal, spiritual substance). The latter deem having a soul and putting it into a certain state to be what makes life meaningful, even if God does not exist. Of course, many supernaturalists believe that certain relationships with God and a soul are jointly necessary and sufficient for a significant existence. However, the simpler view is common, and often arguments proffered for the more complex view fail to support it any more than the simpler view.

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There have been several attempts to theoretically capture what allobjectively attractive, inherently worthwhile, or finally valuableconditions have in common insofar as they bear on meaning. Somebelieve that they can all be captured as actions that are creative(Taylor 1987), while others maintain that they are exhibit rightnessor virtue and perhaps also involve reward proportionate to morality(Kant 1791, pt. 2; cf. Pogge 1997). Most objectivists, however, deemthese respective aesthetic and ethical theories to be too narrow, evenif living a moral life is necessary for a meaningful one (Landau2011). It seems to most in the field not only that creativity andmorality are independent sources of meaning, but also that there aresources in addition to these two. For just a few examples, considermaking an intellectual discovery, rearing children with love, playingmusic, and developing superior athletic ability.