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Macbeth's Ambition and Greed Lead Him to Become Evil
Shakespeare's play Macbeth has three main points: appearances do not always accurately reflect reality, ambition and desire can lead to evil acts, and free will, not always destiny, influences the occurrence of events. Macbeth's greed and lust for power cause him to take matters into his hands and in turn cause him to bring about his own demise. Lady Macbeth appears to be a sweet, loyal citizen but in reality she is the evil force that encourages Macbeth to commit murder. Throughout the play, both Macbeth and his wife try to put Duncan's murder behind them but their consciences will not allow them to. Macbeth's desire and greed for power provoke him to kill Duncan. By the end of the play, good triumphs over evil.
Desire and ambition can cause people to do evil things. Perhaps, it is in our nature to be somewhat evil. Macbeth tells the story of a good, loyal man that has gone bad, driven to murder by his ambition and fueled by his power-hungry wife. Macbeth is Thane of Glamis and a highly honorable and respected man. He was valiant and brave, successful in fighting for his country. His honesty is unquestioned and he is looked upon favorably by the King. King Duncan awards Macbeth the title of Thane of Cawdor for his courageousness in battle. At the beginning, Macbeth is not driven to do evil until he takes the witches' ramblings to heart. "Hail Thane of Glamis and of Cawdor and shalt be King hereafter ?. He takes this prophecy from three strange witches brooding in the deep night without question and without good judgment. Just the thought that he may become the King clouds Macbeth's judgment and from this point out, his ambition takes over. Though, it is Lady Macbeth who first schemes the treachery of murdering the King, Macbeth is the one who changes and follows thru with the murder. Shakespeare shows us that power, or the thought alone, can corrupt even a good m

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Evil in Macbeth The good characters in Macbeth are less interesting than the evil ones.

Free Macbeth good vs. evil papers, essays, and research papers.

Knights in the essay "Macbeth" specifies the particular species of evil present within the play: Macbeth defines a particular kind of evil - the evil that results from a lust for power.

Free Macbeth Evil Essays and Papers

Fanny Kemble in “Lady Macbeth” asserts that Lady Macbeth died as a result of her evil acts: Lady Macbeth, even in her sleep, has no qualms of conscience; her remorse takes none of the tenderer forms akin to repentance, nor the weaker ones allied to fear, from the pursuit of which the tortured soul, seeking where to hide itself, not seldom escapes into the boundless wilderness of madness....

Furthermore the use of messages addressing to or addressed by, how evil Macbeth is.
Evil is also presented in the form of the witches who influence Macbeth to stray from all goodness.

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The evil in Macbeth is clearly omnipresent and an almost endless theme for different analysis.

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Of all of Shakespeare’s plays, Macbeth is the one most obsessively concerned with evil.

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